Vietnamese cooking is very fresh, usually superb and flavourful, as the profusion of Vietnamese restaurants in America, united kingdom, and Germany. Within the country, there is a plethora of regional variations. And as in all parts of the region, rice and noodles usually form the initial basis of all meals. Not surprisingly that fish is plentiful and fresh. There’s a reliance on vegetables and fresh herbs, as well as the gloriously pungent presence of fermented fish sauce and shrimp paste. Vietnamese cuisine is generally considered healthy..


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Vietnamese cuisine is the name of the method of cooking, the principle of mixing spices and the general eating habits of every Vietnamese. Although there are almost a few differences, Vietnamese cuisine still contains the most general meaning to refer to all popular dishes in ethnic minority communities, but it is relatively popular among the Vietnamese ethnic community.

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Vietnamese Foods

Culinary culture is a natural culture formed in life. Especially for Vietnamese, the cuisine is not only a material culture but also a spiritual culture. Through cuisine, people can understand the culture expressing the dignity of the people, the cultural level of the nation with the morals, rules, customs in the way of eating …

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Some Vietnamese Street Foods

Vietnamese culinary culture is known for its characteristics: sociable, diverse, low-fat; rich flavor with a combination of many types of ingredients to increase the flavor, appeal in the dishes. Eating into a bowl and using chopsticks and especially in meals is indispensable for the Vietnamese people.

Food Prices:
*To satisfy your appetite, fill up your stomach with tasty foods and never feel regret because of missing Vietnamese tasty food. We recommend you bring at least 450.000 VND ( 20$) for one person.

Hanoi Street Food Tour
Pho - Hanoi Beef noodle soup
Papaya salad with dry beef
Banh xeo - Vietnameses cripy crepe or sizzling cake
Beef Noodle Soup - Hanoi Beef noodle soup
Egg Coffee - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

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