Travel seems like a dream to so many of us at the moment. If you’re stuck at home right now, there is still a chance to schedule a future trip or revisit some old haunts. Using Zoom/Whatsapp/Skype/…, you will join with local guides through the best virtual tours of Vietnam’s vibrant, charming city, Hanoi. We know it would be difficult to get the real vibe of the culture or city from the confines of your screen but we would do our best to show you the city, tell you stories of life and history.

Being one of special destinations among Vietnamese, to the west of the Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh complex is a special and important place of pilgrimage.

  • Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.
  • One Pillar Pagoda.
  • Ho Chi Minh stilt house
DEPARTUREThe old quarter, Hanoi, VietNam
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Start time8 Am 9 Am2 Pm3 Pm Hanoi
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Ba Dinh square (include Mausoleum, Parliament House)


Presidential Palace


Ho Chi Minh garden

Ho Chi Minh house, Fishing pond, Mango road, Stilt house…….



The last destination is One Pillar Pagoda

Ho Chi Minh house, Fishing pond, Mango road, Stilt house…….



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We are local guides in Hanoi. We want to exchange language, culture and also show you the beauty of Hanoi, so we do this tour for FREE. For those whom are staying at home in this hard time, stay calm and explore Hanoi with us.

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