On last Saturday, I had a nice first tour with an Israel couple staying in King Ly Hotel, Sam was the main guide and I was assistant. It was my first time to do this job so I was really nervous. Because Dat had noticed me at 11 pm the night before and I had to get the bus at 6.45am in the morning so I didn’t have time to prepare for the tour, Sam told me about the first work to do before meeting tourists “ask the hotel receptionist about the guests information if they are out or not”. At that time, they were going out for coffee so I and Sam chatted a little bit. Then we met the two young tourists, introduced ourselves. I had not chosen an English name before so just said that I’m Phuong. The man thought it was the name of a kind of food but I couldn’t understand.

First Tour with hanoi free tours by foot

Coffee Store.


Our tour started at Ly Thai To park, then we came to Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem lake, the heritage house, Bach Ma temple, Hang Ma street, Dong Xuan Market and stopped at the coffee. Though I can’t remember their name, I know the wife was 26 and the husband was 27, the wife has just graduated from a college of medicine. On the road to Ly Thai To park, they said they have visited Vietnam since the week before and had come to Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa. I asked the women if they had kayaked. She had done, and about the trip to Sa Pa, she told about how she had traveled to mount Phanxipang. In that tour, I was not brave enough to talk about any destinations, I thought that I had better look closely what the main guide did and sometimes talked about what she did not say to extend the story. When we sat on the lake bank, we talked more about Vietnamese culture and tradition,  history, people, religion as well as Israel. At the heritage house, the husband wondered why the living room was near the courtyard and why they weren’t afraid of cold in the winter when sitting there. The couple was amazed at the ancient toilet because of its height. When Sam talked about the lime trees that Vietnamese ate their leaves, immediately the husband picked a leaf and ate it! I thought that he thought it was a kind of vegetable which could be eaten when being raw. Of course, he found it tastes terrible and we had a big laugh. Finally, when we were at the coffee, we had a talk and enjoin egg coffee. The young wife shows us their photos at trip to Sa Pa and on the highest mountain of Vietnam. They told about their pet: a very cute dog that she called her daughter. The man said that he liked manga and especially One Piece, but I didn’t know much about it. The woman said she liked KFC but there was no KFC store in Israel that makes us so surprised. After the talk, we took photos and say goodbye.

hanoi free tours by foot walking tours
According to this first tour, I realized many shortcomings of myself. The biggest problems are listening and the information about everything. If I had known more about life, history, culture, I could have talked with them better, and our talk or maybe the tour will be more interesting! It will take time for me to improve all of that but I’ll try my best later.

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Today, I have been become a tour guide and had great memories with Sam and two foreigners, both of them are called Rebecca. Last night, after receiving this tour from Mr.Dat, I was very nervous, I could not sleep. And now, I feel, That is very extremely nice

Beginning of the walking tours

I went to No.9 Ma May Str. from 8 am to prepare the psychology. And 8:50 am. Sam, who accompanied me came. We went to ask the staff about the guest information. We had to wait. Suddenly, two foreigners approached us. Sam asked and confirmed, They talked together. In fact, I was very worried, but I looked at them very friendly, I breathed a sigh of relief and started to introduce myself.

The first time of a learning tour guide!

Me and My guests


The first, we visited the ancient house at 87 Ma May Str. On the way, we introduced each other. At first, I did not say much, but she asked me, I was so happy. I felt she was very friendly and very nice. To the house, Sam introduced the Vietnamese culture to them, about Tao Quan, betels and Areca, and the lemon tree, the bed, etc. They listened attentively.

We left the house, our next place is Bach Ma temple, one of the oldest temple in Hanoi, where is dedicated to the white horse said to have shown King Ly Thai To the correct position for his citadel walls. They were excited. because of the legend of the temple. They listened to Sam very slowly and carefully

Then, we went to Dong Xuan market and Hang Ma street. She was looking for shoes but could not afford them. When we walked around the market, Rebecca saw a lot of strange fruit, like “Chôm Chôm” (Rambutan), “Đào” (Rambutan) which she has never seen in her life. And they tried it. “Wow it is very sweet” they said. They were so cute. And we quickly moved to Hang Ma street. Sam talked to them about Vietnamese culture, about Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam and the funeral customs. They were surprised to hear Sam said that, the dead continue as family members, they need food, the car, the money, like an alive person. So Vietnamese burn votive paper in the evening to communicate with parents and grandparents no longer living. The rising smoke is a language the dead can understand. That is very different from their country.

The first time of a learning tour guide! 2

At Hoan Kiem Lake.

Finally, we went to Hoan Kiem lake, I was so happy because I had a chance to tell them about the legend of Hoan Kiem Lake ( Sword lake or the lake of the returned sword ). Although I did not say very well, but they said that I did very good. I felt It is great! I will try my best for the next time.

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The end of the walking tours

At 12:30 in the afternoon, I and Rebecca 1went to Vietnamese Women Museum, She wanted to be there herself. Sam and Rebecca 2 went back to the hostel. Rebecca 2 wanted to relax. I said goodbye to her and went back home.
Oh! I felt so happy and so lucky, Because two new friends are very very friendly, but I wanted to talk with them more. So, I will try my best to learn harder and harder to become a nice tour guide!
Hope one day, I will be successful!
Thank you for reading!
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Today I had the first time of being a Hanoi free tour guides with the foreigner in a tour on my own. I had so many unforgettable memories from this tour.


I arrived at the Hostel at 55 Quan Su street at twenty to two at the afternoon and sat there to wait for the tourist. There were some foreigners that were also sitting there. I asked the receptionist for confirming the information about the tourist, but she told me that it was canceled and there was no tour. But I just sat there and waited. The appointment was at 2 p.m, so when the clock showed it was 2:10p.m, I saw no stranger one come out. I felt a little bit nervous whether I could take this tour or it was canceled as the receptionist had said. I looked around and turned to each person who was sitting there to ask them whether they were waiting for a guide. Surprisingly, there were three people there, and the last one I asked was the person I was waiting. Both of us felt it was so funny that we sat near each other for 15 minutes and waited but we even didn’t know we were completely there before. And I started the tour, guiding Navarro, a tourist from Spain.


We visited Hang Ma Street first, a crowded and narrow street. Navarro is very excited at exploring the new land, she is on her trip to discover many countries in the world. She said this month she has scheduled to visit four countries in Asia and she would visit Laos next week. She is always full of energies and very open. But the thing which makes me admire her is that she is completely free. She said she always does everything she likes, no matter other people judge them. She just ignores them and makes anything in the way she likes. She shares her opinion frankly as she said the first impression about Hanoi is that it’s like a chaotic area with noises and dust…

Drink Beer - Ta hien Street - The first time of coming with a foreigner

Drinking Beer at Ta Hien Street.

After that, we go to visit Dong Xuan Market. As she had said before, she did not want to enter the market because she thought it would be noisy and crowded. Therefore we moved to the next destination, Bach Ma Temple. Unfortunately, the Temple closes every Monday, which I have never noticed. She felt fine with that and planned to revisit it in another day. We kept walking to reach Ma May Street, where the Heritage House is located. She was very excited about the architecture of the house and she was really impressive at the red boxes that Vietnamese usually uses to carry the betel nuts and cakes from the groom’s family to the bride’s home before the wedding day. Then we walking through streets to arrive Hoan Kiem Lake. I was confused about finding the roads because I am really not good at remembering the routes. I usually took my map on my hand and kept at looking the right direction. I was nervous about this weakness, but in the end, we arrived Hoan Kiem lake quickly. I showed her the Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, the Pen Tower, told her the legend of the lake. She was very interested in the mysterious story. Feeling a little bit tired after walking a long way, we took a rest by sitting near the lake bank, enjoined the peaceful atmosphere and breathed. We talked to each other, sharing many stories in lives.


Finally, we came back to Ta Hien street to enjoin a glass of beer. Navarro wanted to try the fresh beer, but she drank with a small amount of it. Hence, we ordered just one glass of fresh beer and divided it into two glasses and enjoined it. “it’s very tasty” she said. Then she said she felt sleepy after finishing the beer. We decided to end the tour and came back home. We reached the hostel at 4.50p.m. I still remember the sentence she said: “You just live once, just do everything you want. You are amazing in your own way!”

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The the first day of a tour guide, it is my first interesting tour.
After receiving this tour from Hanoi Free Tours By Foot, I was so nervous although I have had sometimes to speak English with foreigners at Hoan Kiem lake before.

In the morning, I went out of home at 8 am and caught the 23 bus and then 08 bus to come to Hanoi post office. I searched the map on my phone and felt worried about being late.Luckily! I run a half of Hoan Kiem Lake and went to Nuxy Hostel earlier about 10 minutes. I was tired and the weather is very hot. OMG, I met another guide who was the main guide today and I realized he is my friend at English class. We smiled and came into that hostel to check the guest with the receptionist and then we talked to wait for the guest.

At 9 am, I saw my guests checked out the room then we met and greeted together. Our guests were 2 Canadian girls- Beata and Ashley, who are the same age as us. Beata learned Commerce and Ashley has learned Biology. They are very friendly and great, I talked to the tender girl- Ashley and Dũng said more to Beata- kindness girl. Ashley is a tender girl who steps up stair softly and helps me to fix my pronunciation mistakes. She had had a trip to Ho Chi Minh city for a long time and this time she returned Vietnam and visit Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Sapa. They have had a trip to Thai land before.

A hot day tour of mine - Hanoi Free Walking Tours

My lovely guests and my ( tiny girl ).

After showing the schedule to them, we went to first destination- 40 Hang Ngang where Ho Chi Minh president writing the independent declaration. Beata took some photos and we showed to them something about Ho Chi Minh and then we went to White Horse Temple.We talked more stories about the legend of the temple, friendship between turtle and crane, why having high steps, about Buddhist hand fruits, about palankeen for King and so on. Next destination was heritage house at Ma May Street, Beata was interested in the traditional game like robic there so she bought it. We were up stair and relaxed some minutes with electronic fan and shared more about student ‘s life at Vietnam and Canada.

Next, we passed over a narrow and dark alley( I cannot remember the where it is) at Hang Buom street to go to Dong Xuan Market and saw some kiosks with many goods: the foods, machines, and so on. And then the place I like the most – Long Bien Bridge. We took some photos there and had resting time at the train station.We chatted about Break summer and so on. We recommended them to go to Hue or Hoi An if they come back Vietnam.Hue and Hoi An is one of the best very beautiful and ancient.

Finally, we went around Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple. Today is so hot so we drink water more- twice to go to mini market but It is very interesting and memorable for me about two nice friends.
At 12:30 we said good bye and showed to them where to enjoy egg coffee.
Hope them have a nice trip to Sapa tomorrow

Hello you guys, I’m so excited and have to say that it was our great effort to finish this nice tour today. We tried our best.


Well, it came as a surprise to us that for our own first tour together, we’re welcomed with the heavy storm.
Although I started 7.15am from my house, I couldn’t come to the meeting place on time because of traffic congestion. PiNK, my lovely sister who arrived so early, controlled everything well. She came to the hotel to pick up the tourists and told them our schedule. At first, she was very worried because she thought that she would be put in the same situation as her previous tour. Someone ( I’m sure everyone knows who he is == ) abandoned her in spite of her strong belief. But don’t worry, my beloved. I am always beside you. Just kidding


We began our tour with discovering Hoa Lo prison. At first, we told them about the establishment and purpose of the prison. Then we visited 4 main areas to keep the prisons ( stockade for male, the stockade for female, cachot and death row cells). Stockade for female and death row cells made a greater impression on them. They felt very terrified when they heard about ways to torture female prisoners. Moreover, when we told them about the torture which put prisoners in an empty tank and beat from outside, Alison couldn’t hide her utter surprise and she said ” Fuck”. Ok. It’s fine. After that, we moved to the place that memorizes the Vietnamese soldiers. We told them about the meanings of two colors there ( black & red) and asked their’s understanding about incense culture. It is surprising that in their country, they also burn incense to worship. Finally, we had a quick look at areas that show the life of American prisoners.

We emphasized that it was one of Hồ Chí Minh’s smart political policy to change American soldiers’ attitude toward Vietnam war. When mentioning Hồ Chí Minh, we suggested them going to Hồ Chí Minh mausoleum to discover more about our Greatfather. They felt very excited. However, it was quite late and I was afraid that mausoleum closed so I suggested they should visit Temple of Literature first and in the afternoon, we would visit Hồ Chí Minh mausoleum. They agreed.
The next destination was Temple of Literature. Killen felt very excited to know that Temple of Literature is the first university in Vietnam and many graduates go there to take photos. She has just graduated. Well, we told them about the general information of this construction ( Temple worships Confucius and scholar Chu Van An and Temple of Literature is the place that high-rank students in examination studied in the past). Continuously, we told the meanings of Khue Van Pavilion and some symbols around there. They were quite impressed when seeing Stele garden and story about stele put on the back of tortoise. Passing through the structure deeper, we told them about habit of Vietnamese students going there to pray for luck before their important examination. We also told them about story relating to the image of crane standing on the back of tortoise ( a symbol appearing a lot in the temple in Vietnam). Finally, we visited areas to worship scholar Chu Văn An. They took a lot of photos in Temple of Literature.

Hanoi free tours by foot - a great tour under the storm

Drinking Egg coffee

They felt thirsty so that we found a place to drink. During the break, we found out that they wanted to come back Old Quarter to have lunch, especially trying bread. Courtney seems to be a fan of bread, all of the time, she reminded us to try bread. We caught the taxi to come back Hoan Kiem lake. Therefore, we had a chance to introduce them about the legend, Tortoise Tower and Pen Tower. When coming to Old Quarter, as you know, the road was dirty and slippery with mud. As soon as Killen warned us ” Be careful. It’s muddy”, she fell out…Omg.. So, We took her to their hotel to change her clothes. While waiting for her, we had a long talk to Courtney. She was so lovely and friendly. Next, as for Courtney’s expectation, we went to bread store in Hang Ca Steet and they were very satisfied to try it. They said, ” if they have more time, they will eat it every day”. Wow. We’re pleased to hear that. Then, we had a quick look at Dong Xuan market.
The last destination is Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. It is pity that mausoleum wasn’t open but we gave them more information about Ho Chi Minh and a bit One pillar pagoda. Because Courtney felt tired, we decided to finish our tour here.

We came back their hotel. They gave us big hug and thanked us for a great trip today.

Hello everyone I just had a tour from Hanoi free walking tour two days ago and my guests were two female come from England, they are both lower so today I’m gonna tell you about this great tour.

+ Picking up:

We made the appointment at 2:00 p.m, so Rick and I arrived at the hotel early about 10 minutes to check information about guests. While we waited for guest, Rick and I exchanged about our schedule to assign work. Then, we met 2 guests, had a short introduction about ourselves about told them about the schedule. Next, we left the hotel to start our tour.

+ During the tour:

Firstly, we visited Hang Dao street because this street was quite near from the hotel and on the way to the house no. 48 Hang Ngang, we had to go through Hang Dao Street. During walking, I talked with Lisa and Rick went with Linda and both of them are friendly. We had known that they had journey lasting 6 days. Then, we told information about this street and noticed that it’s the best way to find the way to Hanoi Old Quarter since Hang Dao is the main axis and cuts the Hanoi Old Quarter in half. Besides, I also explained to them why this Old Quarter is called “36 Old Street”.

Two great female guests - hanoi free walking tours

Linda from English.

I realized that Lisa was surprised to traffic system in Vietnam – common express from foreigner visitor when the first time they came to Vietnam. Whenever she went go through the street, I saw she had tried to go faster and faster. Therefore, I advised her to go slowly and steadily, then the vehicle would go around her. She seemed to be eager for this.

I realized that Lisa was surprised to traffic system in Vietnam – common express from foreigner visitor when the first time they came to Vietnam. Whenever she went go through the street, I saw she had tried to go faster and faster. Therefore, I advised her to go slowly and steadily, then the vehicle would go around her. She seemed to be eager for this.
The second place is The House at no. 48 on Hang Ngang street. Actually, Rick guided us because I could not remember the way to the house. In this place, I gave some information about this house and President Ho Chi Minh and Rick added some information I lacked to make sure 2 guests understand deeply and clearly. Two guests were curious, I’m sure about this. The evidence was they looked each picture in the house and asked us information. I really saw the difference between foreigners and Vietnamese visitors.

By the way, a special thing made me surprising is a question from Linda. She told that it’s famous picture of Vietnamese children running, and she wants to know more. Rick and I were confused with her question because we did not have information about this picture. Finally, we had to search the Internet and confessed we did not have an idea. We really apologized for this mistakes. Luckily, 2 guests accepted and we continued to walk. We had a valuable lesson!

Two great female guests - Hanoi free tours by foot

Lisa from English.

Next, we went out the house and reached White Horse Temple. Linda wanted to buy something because she was thirsty, so we chose near the store to come. We chatted about the life of Linda and Lisa about when mentioning the fruits in the store, we learned new thing from them. In Canada, Grapefruit is different Vietnam and they call this fruit “Pomelo”. They explained they are not the same fruit. It’s interesting. When we saw White Horse Temple, I informed history of this temple, but it’s quite chaotic, so Rick helped us and recapped what I said. I though I need to improve the way I express. As they told, they did not have a habit of going to the temple, so they just visited and did not ask us. Consequently, after explaining about traditional culture about worship, I recognized Rick had had deep knowledge about this temple and culture in Vietnam. Moreover, He is really good at how to explain to express her idea. Then, we went to Hoan Kiem Lake.

The temperature was comfortable and we walked around the lake to show them legend about this lake and watch people. Besides, we looked Ink Slab, Pen Tower and The Huc Bridge, which makes the special feature of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Finally, Opera House is the next place. Obviously, people tend to watch when they saw architect and just wanted to know outstanding point about this scene. We also tried to meet their demand and ignored information related to detail. Afterward, we moved to Toad Garden and took pictures together to save memorable time. The last scene is Ly Thai To Flower Garden. Everyone was quite tired but we were really happy at the end of the tour.+ Farewell:

+ Farewell:We came back the hotel and gave them warm hug. It was kind of them to send us feedback directly and thank you. I learned many things from this tour and cute guests.

We came back the hotel and gave them warm hug. It was kind of them to send us feedback directly and thank you. I learned many things from this tour and cute guests.

Thank God, today I could pick up my guests after 2 consecutive canceled tours of free walking tour Hanoi. I arrived at the hotel on time and waited for this couple to have breakfast for a few minutes. Soon, we quickly started our tour. It’s about 4 kilometers from Phat Loc to the Ho Chi Minh Complex, so my guests proposed to take a taxi to get there.


Francesca had visited Vietnam a year ago, but this is the first time for Solo. Fran wanted Solo to visit the most famous historical and cultural places in Hanoi, that’s why she chose Ho Chi Minh Complex and Temple of Literature.
While Fran was so fascinated by history and constantly asked me about important historical milestones, places, and figures, Solo would rather take photos than listen to me. So, I often had to explain everything to Fran, and then she retold to her boyfriend after he had gone around shooting for a while. I love talking to Fran very much. She is from the UK, so she has the very charming voice and I could not stop listening to her. Her voice is so soft, sweet, beautiful and I can’t describe it as wonderful as it really is. Vice versa, Fran also listened to me attentively and carefully, and she had a great memory. She could repeat exactly what I had just said to her to Solo, especially the figures. Both of them expressed their deep admiration and respect for our Great Father, after hearing about him. They were also surprised to know that throughout his lives, Uncle Ho did not get married, and they really treasured his sacrifice to our country.

Hanoi free walking tours- guide

Hoa lo prison.

We enter the mausoleum, after waiting in queue for a while, then moved to other parts of this complex, the Presidential Palace, House No. 54, Ho Chi Minh house on stilts, the One Pillar Pagoda, and Ho Chi Minh Museum respectively. There were some groups of kindergarten pupils coming there to take photos for their graduation, they were so cute and they were saying “Hello!” to my guest all the time. When I and Fran went up to the One Pillar Pagoda, we overheard a young woman praying to give birth to a son.

I’ve never talked about politics as much as I had to today. My guests constantly asked me why Ho Chi Minh could find out the solution to save Vietnam from slavery, how he did, how he was different from the other Vietnamese leaders in the past, what the dominant party system of Vietnam nowaday is, what the core values of the Vietnamese Communist Party are, why Vietnam has just only one party. They even asked me to give a definition of the Vietnamese Communist Party and were curious of what certain conditions a candidate need to meet to become a member of the Communist Party. They insisted me on finding the process of adoption of the Party for them as if they were about to become members of our Party @@. I had to try very hard to recall what I learned in Ho Chi Minh Ideology and the Revolutionary Way of the Vietnamese Communist Party, which are the subjects I studied in university, to explain to them.And after I finished explaining to them the meaning of the Party flag and our national flag, Solo explained to me the Australian National Flag meaning. The Australian National Flag is a design of striking stars and crosses. It represents all Australian citizens equally, whatever their background, race, color, religion or age. The Crosses are the Saints: St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick acknowledge the principles and ideas flowing from the British heritage of European settlers; including parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. And The Stars are The Southern Cross. This constellation of stars relates to the various indigenous legends and reminds them of their rich and precious Aboriginal and Torres Strait heritage. The large seven pointed star is the emblem of Australian Federation. Six points represent the states and the seventh all the federal territories which together constitute the nation, the Commonwealth of Australia. Solo must be a very patriotic person, he has a tattoo of Australian National Flag on his ribs and another one of the South African

And after I finished explaining to them the meaning of the Party flag and our national flag, Solo explained to me the Australian National Flag meaning. The Australian National Flag is a design of striking stars and crosses. It represents all Australian citizens equally, whatever their background, race, color, religion or age. The Crosses are the Saints: St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick acknowledge the principles and ideas flowing from the British heritage of European settlers; including parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. And The Stars are The Southern Cross. This constellation of stars relates to the various indigenous legends and reminds them of their rich and precious Aboriginal and Torres Strait heritage. The large seven pointed star is the emblem of Australian Federation. Six points represent the states and the seventh all the federal territories which together constitute the nation, the Commonwealth of Australia. Solo must be a very patriotic person, he has a tattoo of Australian National Flag on his ribs and another one of the South African flag on his chest and arms. He is a crossbreed. His father is an Australian and his mother is a South African person.

Hanoi walking tour guides

Temple of Literature.

Leaving Ho Chi Minh Complex, we walked about 15 mins to the Temple of Literature. We arrived at the Temple of Literature quite late, but we still had a detailed discovery in this area. I showed them about the symbol of the Constellation of Literature Pavilion on VND100,000, told them about the meaning of the Well of Heavenly Clarity, Doctors’ Stone Stelae, folk legends of “the Carp turns into Dragon”, “Returning home to pay thanks to ancestors after achieving academic honors”…
In the last section of that Complex, the Imperial Academy, we met a group of students taking photos for their yearbook. My guests were standing for a long time on the courtyard just to take photos of Vietnamese girls in Ao dai. The Temple of Literature at noon was very quiet. We caught sight of some people lying down in the garden, and my guests were so surprised because, in their country, people did not take a nap.

Although it is just 2km from the Temple of Literature to the hotel, we still catch a taxi because my guests were quite tired. We said goodbye together in front of the alley, exchanged warm hugs and good wishes. Solo and Fran have been traveling together for 8 months, they don’t use FB, just Instagram to keep in touch with their families and friends, and let them know where they are and what they are doing. They share the same Insta account and combine their name into the account’s name. So Fran told me to follow them on Instagram and add her Whatapps address so that we contact with each other in the future.

Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you about my first time to be a tour guide, I have to say that I’m very happy today and until now I still feel extremally excited about my very first tour as a real guide, we had an amazing evening!

The first time to be a tour guide - hanoi free walking tour
Drinking Egg Coffee.


At first, Mr.Rick and I picked our guests at King Ly hotel, Before meeting them I felt a little bit nervous and curious about them. fortunately, all of our guests are very nice: four Filipinos and one Singaporean. I’m totally surprised about the women from Singapore, she is too young to has the same age as my mother! she told me that “She quit her job as an accountant to traveling with her husband, whose job requires going abroad a lot”. About 4 Filipinos, they have visited Hoi An and Sai Gon before coming to Hanoi and they told me that “they love Vietnam so much”. The first food they tried is dried beef salad. We were telling them about the ingredients while they were enjoying their salads. The Singaporean talked to me that she loved Vietnamese food because of herbal taste, they seem to be like the beef salad very much because they enjoined their meal with gusto. After finishing the beef salad, We went to eat next food, I made a conversation with a Filipino girl on the way to the next destination, she is a doctor, she’s plump with beautiful eyes, while we were talking, I introduced a little bit about Vietnamese chè, but after I told her about Chè, she was excited and wanted to taste it immediately.

The first time to be a tour guide

Beer street (Tạ Hiện).

We came over “Beer street”, the guests had a chance to enjoy fresh beer and Pho rolls. During our meal at beer street, we talked a lot about ourselves, made some jokes and laughed in the joyful atmosphere. After that according to their demand, we continuously visited a chè-house and had mixing-chè, it looked very beautiful with black jellies on the top so they had to take some photo after the waiter brought it for us, they always took many photographs of dished then posted them on Facebook and Instagram. After finishing chè, we took them to eat anther desert: mixing fruit yogurt and ice-cream. Mr.Rick and I lost a guest on the way, I was completely frightened, but her boyfriend seems to not worry at all?! At last, we found her, she tried to take some photo is the reason why. Finally, our tour visited the secretive coffee shop and drink egg coffee, the guests was exited immediately about the view look over Hoan Kiem lake. We finished street food tour at 7.30 pm, they insisted on giving tip for us but we refused, Mr. Rick suggested they could give us 5 stars for our page instead. This afternoon is undoubtedly my unforgettable experience!

Written by Julie Chan ( Hà My )

Hello everyone, Today I’m going to tell you about my greatest tour I have had.


Reaching at 56 Au Trieu str where the Impressive hotel is located, I waited outside to wait for my partner there were so many people having a breakfast without no electricity as well as no enough chairs for everyone.After partner appeared so quickly, we went inside to pick guests up. We opened the door and a receptionist waiting there wondered if we were from Hanoi Free Tours by foot and their tour guide for the Free walking tour in Hanoi today and then he introduced us to an American man standing next to him to wait for us. We introduced ourselves while waiting for his wife. After a few minutes, she appeared with a happy face and said ” hello” to us. My first impression was that they were so nice and easy to talk with. Thank God. We discussed the schedule for a full-day tour and made a decision to visit: HCM complex and Temple Of Literature in the morning, The old quarter and French quarter in the afternoon. They completely agreed and we started tour immediately by walking.

Hanoi free walking tours - my greatest tour ever

Hoan Kiem Lake.


As our schedule, we visited HCM complex first. On the way to go there, we talked a lot and knew some interesting from each other. Both are from Floria in the US and they are a classmate from a high school to the university, so they have met each other for 24 years. Now, both work together as website designers. They are so sweet and cute. Elizabeth is a happy woman while her husband is so funny. He always tells jokes and he said to me:”she is my boss and knows how to take care me because sometimes I seem crazy”, He asked me not to tell her, but I still told “hehehhehehe”. Reaching HCM complex, we saw thousands of people waiting to go there. There were a lot of primary student staying in line to wait and when they saw guests coming, they said:”HELLOOOOOO” so loudly while waving their hands, which made us look like celebrities Elizabeth was very happy because they love kids so much. Seeing a lot of people wanting to visit HCM mausoleum, we intended to skip it and went to Ba Dinh square with a view to visiting some house, but Rick and his guest saw us and informed that we couldn’t do that. Therefore, we skipped HCM complex to visit Temple Of Literature after that. Arriving at Temple Of Literature, we saw many people visiting there again, but it seemed easier to go. After buying tickets, My partner and I told them some useful information of Temple Of Literature: the history, the architecture, examinations, traditions or feudalism ….. They were interested in, especially Elizabeth. We spent 1 hours and a half visiting there before moving to Hoa Lo prison as the last place in the morning.

Temple of literature - my greatest tour ever

Temple of literature.

In Hoa Lo prison, they were emotional when they heard the history, the poor condition of that prison or the way the French used to torture Vietnamese soldier. Elizabeth’s husband was interested in that prison so much. He tried to know more about Vietnam war in Vietnamese’s view and he cried after watching a documentary film. However, he felt strange when he saw people selling souvenir in the hotel. He asked me how people did it in this historical places and he felt sad. He would like to go somewhere and experienced real things, real life, and real feeling. I had a chance to share my grandfather’story to him, which made him so interesting. He is a nice and considerate man I have never met before. We spend 2 hours visiting, sharing stories and listening each other before ending morning-tour.
For a lunch, we went to Hang Dieu street to eat ” Bun bo Nam Bo“. We ordered two full bowls for my partner and I and two no beef bowls for them because they are vegetarian. Luckily, they loved it so much and didn’t forget to ask me to write the address so that they could try it again. We finished our lunch at 2 p.m and started afternoon tour at 2. 15 p.m. As usual, we visited some famous destinations such as Hang Ma street, Dong Xuan market, Quan Chuong Gate, Long Bien bridge, white horse temple and a small alley,….. We intended to visit the heritage house, but they would like to visit later, so we skipped and drank egg coffee instead. At 11 Hang Gai, we order 2 hot egg coffee, 2 cold cacao. We talked so much. Seeing Vu chatting with a girl, her husband suggested Vu inviting her to go to the cafe or cinema to date, He was kidding us every time he could. After that, we moved to The french quarter.We visited Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Opera house, and Metropole hotel. We introduced them Metropole is the 1st five-star hotel and many celebrities stayed there and her husband said that:” Why didn’t they stay at the Impressive hotel”, That’s so funny. We went inside to visit Metropole and, fortunately, the bomb shelter was opened at that day so that we could go underground to visit. I have to say that ít was so cool, We were so lucky, honestly. Finishing Metropole, we kept going to Saint Joseph Cathedral as the last destination of full -day tour.

In the acient house - my greatest tour ever

In the ancient house.

The last END:

We came back their hotel happily. They thanked us for that awesome day and said that they would sleep well that night. They gave us best wishes and didn’t forget to say:” Bye, kids”

Thank you for reading.