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To explore Hanoi Old Quarter area: Ta Hien street, Hoan Kiem Lake, Quan Chuong, etc. which places would you choose? Find out about Hanoi Vietnam points of interests for you short trip to the Old Quarter with us!

A poetic Hanoi through art - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

A poetic Hanoi through art.

1000 year-of-culture Hanoi has always been the first Vietnam point of interests for foreigners to come. Hanoi goes into literature with “36 Pho Phuong” (Thach Lam) or into art with tranquil brush strokes of Bui Xuan Phai. Traveling to Hanoi, you must visit the Old Quarter to see the contradictory but harmonious beauty of this city.

Take your time, take a look on some Hanoi Itinerary to find yourself which places you would like to visit.

Below are some Hanoi points of interest we highly recommend

  1. Ta Hien street

Those who love food must know the name of Ta Hien beerstreet. It is one of Hanoi Vietnam points of interests. It is located in a corner of the Old Quarter and has both exciting but peaceful atmosphere. The opening hour is when people get off from work. The street vendors are open with one famous Hanoi food beverage: beer. These vendors are not luxurious but rather cheap one on street side. They gather to form a long street of selling beer as a point of interest in Hanoi.

Nightlife in Ta Hien street starts - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

Nightlife in Ta Hien street starts.

People who come to Ta Hien Street vary from university students to foreigners. They gather in a group of 3-5 members sitting on the walking site. Side dishes often are boiled peanuts, grilled quail, chicken pickled with citronella, etc. Although Ta Hien Street is exciting area for tourists at night, it is as peaceful as the other streets of Hanoi Old Quarter in the morning.

  1. Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market is one of the biggest markets of Hanoi and is considered to be one of Hanoi Vietnam points of interests. The market location is inside Hanoi Old Quarter. Since the Nguyen dynasty, Dong Xuan market has existed for hundred years. Tourists can find lots of Hanoi traditional things here such as Hanoi famous food, clothing, crafts and so on. Because it is a large-scale market, the price is lowered if you buy in a large number. The street side of Dong Xuan market is for Hanoi night market with many interesting colors: attractive color of food; brilliant colors of souvenirs and familiar color of other necessities. Travelers can explore this Hanoi Vietnam point of interests in any days of the week.

Ancient Dong Xuan Market in modern days - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

Ancient Dong Xuan Market in modern days

  1. Bach Ma Temple

You should come to Bach Ma Temple to visit Hanoi Vietnam point of interests

Known as one of four famous attractions from the ancient Thang Long, Bach Ma Temple was built in 9th century. It is Hanoi Vietnam points of interests because of being the oldest temple of Hanoi. This temple of Hanoi is designed sophisticatedly with big ironwood pillars, delicately sculpted with Nguyen dynasty sculpture style. In the temple, they reserve lots of historical memorials like headstone, palanquin, wooden flamingos, etc. With these historical relics, Bach Ma temple is Hanoi Vietnam points of interest, famous Hanoi attraction, rare resource for knowing insightfully about Thang Long – Hanoi.

Bach Ma Temple - The Sacred temple in Hanoi - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

Bach Ma Temple – The Sacred temple in Hanoi

Bach Ma Temple is crowded at festival times. People from all around the country come to wish for a flourish year of luck and happiness, which makes it hard for commuting in rush hour. It is recommended that you should visit this point of interest on normal days.

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

It is said that Le Loi King found in Hoan Kiem Lake the magical sword that helped to defeat the Minh dynasty invaders. After the win of conflict, there was a huge turtle swimming up from this lake asking for the sword to be returned. This is the reason why the lake is named “Hoan Kiem Lake” (the lake of returning sword, in Vietnamese).

The lake is the heart of Hanoi, of of Hanoi Vietnam famous points of interests. To experience all interesting and appealing activities here, you should come at weekends because at the weekend, transportation is banned, you can slowly walk while enjoying traditional games on the street and musical performance everywhere. Also, you can visit The Huc Bridge leading to ancient Ngoc Son Temple with the statue of Golden Turtle. It is great for tourists as point of interests in Hanoi.

A colorful Hoan Kiem lake at night - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

A colorful Hoan Kiem Lake at night

Hanoi famous food at Hoan Kiem Lake is ice cream. It is both delicious and cheap and is sold everywhere around the lake. If you visit Hanoi points of interests, don’t forget to drop by Hoan Kiem Lake and buy some ice cream popsicles for yourself!

  1. O Quan Chuong Gate

O Quan Chuong Gate is the only remaining gate of Thang Long Citadel as well as the historical relic and Hanoi Vietnam point of interests. Built from 1749 to 1817, O Quan Chuong Gate consists of 2 floors in typical gazebo style from Nguyen Dynasty. O Quan Chuong gate is located in the street that has the same name. This place is selling place for lots of items. O Quan Chuong Gate is Hanoi attraction, one of unforgettable historical places in Hanoi, is a memorial for persistence spirit of Vietnamese in War time.

O Quan Chuong in these old days - Hanoi Vietnam Points of Interests

O Quan Chuong in these old days

Though Hanoi Old Quarter is well-known for other famous points of interests, O Quan Chuong is still a great Hanoi attraction. If your trip lasts for few days, we have recommended some best places in Hanoi for visiting. Let’s book a trip to Hanoi, spend time exploring Hanoi Old Quarter and ancient yet modern beauty of this city, Hanoi Vietnam. It surely will leave you memorable feeling about this trip with these points of interests.