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Before visiting any countries on the word, Travelers must search the advices of People who have been visited it first, So Here are 12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam, We hope it will useful for you to have a great time in my country.

Vietnam is famous for beautiful, long-stretching, culturally and historically rich and amazing country, and there are some things that everyone should know before packing their bags and head to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a beautiful, country with a rich history and fascinating culture very safe ant friendly place to visit. Your trip would be smooth and trouble free with a sprinkling of common sense. Tourists regularly complain about tour operators with a dangerous driving and bad attitude or over-aggressive street vendors. However, with a sensible planning and cool head, you can avoid these problems.

Today Hanoi free tours by foot will give you 12 tips you should and should not do in Vietnam

12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam

12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam.

I. Things you should do ( The first 6 of 12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam )

1- Greetings are not difficult for western countries; There are cultural formalities that foreigners should know and practice.

2– Vietnamese people dress conservatively. Despite the heat, it is best if you do not show off too much skin. If you do, particularly girls, you will only draw stares from the locals.

3– You should dress well when visiting pagodas. No Tatty beer or short T-shirts. Proper shoes should be worn, and seldom will you have to remove them. If unsure, just follow what the local people do.

4– Drink a plenty of bottled water, particularly when walking around sightseeing. It is no need to carry huge bottles around with you because a vendor is not far away and they will find you before you find them.

5– Keep your cash, credit cards and  valuables in a safe place.( in your hotel, your room)

6– Travel with your recommends of free tour guides of Hanoi free tours by foot. Even if you want to buy railway tickets or something else when in the country, you should research your journey a little bit first on the Internet. One of the useful resources is Tripadvisor which fellow visitors discuss travel in Vietnam. By these ways, you will avoid unreliable tour agencies or poorly run hostel and hotels.

II. Things you should not do ( the last 6 of 12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam )

7– Wear a plenty of jewellery or take a bag of much money with you. Violent crime is highly uncommon in all countries on the word, but petty crime is more apparent in Vietnam. In case you carry a digital camera around your neck or have a big bag, you will be a potential target.

8– While you take a ride by motorbike , scooter (xe ôm) or taxi, you should take care of your bag, if any, is not easy to grab or on display. Bag snatches, though still rare in Vietnam, but are the most likely crime tourists would encounter when they are traveling. It immensely raises the probability if you are bring a valuables to your self such as laptop or a camera in the wind. If you want to know more about Transportation In Hanoi << Please read here

9– Do not wear too shorts, revealing clothes, dresses or skirts to pagodas or temples.

10– Physical displays of affection between two lovers in public place, usually frown by most of the local. That is why you can see in Vietnam couples just often holding hands but not kissing or hugging.

11– Because you are tourists so you have to bargain at local shop or store or on street. Only pay 80% or 90%.

12– Remember , Vietnam is a developing country, and things do not quite work as you are used to. Do not be paranoid about your safety; you should be aware of your surroundings

Hope You Like Our 12 Helpful Advices for visiting Vietnam.

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