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Before Reading this article, you have to know that, Vietnam is a developing country, So In comparison with many others countries, the price of Transportation in Hanoi here could be much cheaper, This makes foreigners can be tricked and overcharged by locals sometimes. So to know How much will you spend for a trip in Vietnam << Please Read Her.

Taxi In Hanoi ( one of Transportation in Hanoi )

Some of the best Taxi companies that Hanoi free tours by foot recommend you, listed below with their own phone numbers.

ABC Taxi04.
Mai Linh Taxi04.38.222.666
Taxi Thăng Long04.39 71 71 71
Nội Bài Taxi043.886.8888 (Specialize in Airport transportation)
Viet Thanh Taxi 043.563.6666 (Specialize in Airport transportation)
Tây Hồ Taxi04.
Thanh Nga Taxi04.38.215.215 (only 4 seats car)

In terms of transportation in Hanoi city, the price of all taxi companies is around 13.000 – 17.000VND/km. (updated in 2017)

In terms of airport transportation (update in 2014):

– The average price for the distance from Hanoi city to NoiBai Airport or NoiBai Airport to Hanoi city is around 280.000 – 600.000 VND/trip for 5 seats, 8 seats and 16 seats taxi (1 way and depend on your stop)

– The average price for the distance from Hanoi city to NoiBai Airport or NoiBai Airport to Hanoi city is around 500.000 – 850.000 VND/trip for 5 seats, 8 seats, and 16 seats taxi (round trip and depend on your stop)

Motorbike: (Renting Transportation in Hanoi )

The average price for short- term motorbike rental is about $8/day and $55/week for the most popular motorbike like Honda Wave Alpha.

– The address for Renting Motorbike in Hanoi Old Quarter location: 6B Tam Thuong St, Hanoi, Vietnam

– The address for Renting Motorbike in Ho Tay (West Lake) Location: No.27, Alley 52, To Ngoc Van St, Hanoi, Vietnam

– Some other suggestions:

+Phung Renting Motorbike, No. 13 Ngo Huyen Street, HoanKiem Dist. (rent fee: 6-12 USD/day)

+Flamingo Travel, no. 66 Dao DuyTu Street, Hanoi, Vietnam (rent fee: 8-14 USD/day)

Note: Helmet and driving license are strictly required by Vietnamese traffic law and You must  make sure to check your travel insurance’s policy accordingly if you want to rent motorbikes anyway in Vietnam


Rental shop:  Bicycle Rentals & Quan’s Motorbike

Address: 70 Hang Bac St, HoanKiem, Hanoi, Vietnam ( in the old quarter )

Phone: 0904244941 (please call this number to ask for the price)

Cyclo (Three- Wheeled pedicab):

– Normally, cyclo is not really suitable for exploring around Hanoi Old Quarter area.

– For more information, you should Ask the hotel receptionist for hiring a cyclo and negotiating the price for you. The price is around $8- $9/hour/cyclo.

Xe om (Motorbike taxi): ( traditional Transportation in Hanoi )

Two of Motorbike taxi that you can call if you do not want to take a car taxi
Grabbike – Website: https://www.grab.com/vn/bike/

Uber –  Website: https://www.uber.com/

( Using grabbike or Uber app on your smartphone to take a motorbike taxi – you can download them in apple store or CH play)

grab-bike-app-Transportation in Hanoi

Grab bikes App.

  • Traditional Motorbike taxi 

– In every street in Vietnam as well as Hanoi, you can easily find for yourself a Motorbike taxi with the driver who is hanging a sign reads “XE OM” in front of the motorcycle.

– You must ask the price first to reach an agreement before sitting down on the pillion. Our you will be swindled by some bad people. Generally, the price depends on the distance, the quality of the road, or even the weather ( noon and night can be more expensive). 12,000VND-17,000VND per kilometer is reasonable.

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