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Sapa, the beautiful land in the North of Vietnam always leave in the heart of each visitor who have a chance to come here a special feeling. It attracts visitors because of the beauty of not only the beautiful nature but also the hospitality local people. The diversity of ethnic groups makes the richness of the culture of Sapa in particular and The Lao Cai province in general. It is very clear at festivals, markets and people’s daily life.

Sapa town

Sapa town is one of the unique places that attracts visitors come here. Maybe it hard to visualize, but if you try to step your foot on highland villages in spring which is the occasion of festivals, you would be immersed in traditional and unique festivals of local people. The people in Sapa is reflected vividly through their religious and spiritual rituals as wishing the God for human health, peaceful region, good crops, good weather and especially with abundant folk games.

sapa vietnam

Sapa Vietnam

That is why tourists from Western countries always enjoy their trips to Sapa in the spring. They ‘d like to integrate into the festive season such as Ta Van (Sa Pa); Tet Nhay of Dao Do in Ta Phin, Xuong Dong of Tay People in Bac Ha, Sai San festival of Mong people. The folk songs are also passionate hearts and humane folk games.

Love market in Sapa

Love Market in Sapa with cultural identities also attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists. Why do we call it Love Market? The market is usually a place to buy and sell, but in Love Market, nobody sells and buys. It is a place for showing up sentiments, dating and loving gestures, placed under the customs and practices of each region, also known as simple as this market is one of the focal points of almost cultural activities in the upland.

Love market in Sapa Sapa - Vietnam

Love market in Sapa

On each Saturday, in the small town of Sapa, Dao people are usually busy in sessions of The Love Market. From Saturday afternoon, down the street and in front of the church, tourists could see a numerous of Dao girls and boys are in the rhythm of singing and dance which is passionate hearts.

beautiful sapa

Beautiful love market in sapa

Traditional handicrafts

Abundant spiritual life and cultural of local people are also reflected in handicrafts, crafts and traditional brocades of groups have reached the sophistication. Women of Dao, Mong, Pa Di, Xa Pho are excellent in colour perception; their brocade panels always meet all natural colours of hills, pine trees, grain, corn, etc. All of them are expressive as a vivid picture of people’s life. The eternal beauty of Sapa always lasts forever. Nowadays, these products have become popular souvenirs for tourists all over the world.

Traditional handicrafts Sapa - Vietnam

Traditional handicrafts of Sapa

Traditional architecture

stilt houses in sapa Sapa - Vietnam

stilt houses in sapa

Nestled behind hillside are traditional houses whose materials are from terracotta tile or plank, based on the mountainside attract visitor’s attention. They are the stilts with traditional cultural characteristics of Dao, H’mong, Tay, Xa Pho and Giay ethnic group minorities. The value of culture in Sapa is in the life of every family living here.
Sapa is a lovely land with the wonderful scene and people. If you have time, just come here to have fun and memorable experiences, I am sure that they are worth for you.