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The the first day of a tour guide, it is my first interesting tour.
After receiving this tour from Hanoi Free Tours By Foot, I was so nervous although I have had sometimes to speak English with foreigners at Hoan Kiem lake before.

In the morning, I went out of home at 8 am and caught the 23 bus and then 08 bus to come to Hanoi post office. I searched the map on my phone and felt worried about being late.Luckily! I run a half of Hoan Kiem Lake and went to Nuxy Hostel earlier about 10 minutes. I was tired and the weather is very hot. OMG, I met another guide who was the main guide today and I realized he is my friend at English class. We smiled and came into that hostel to check the guest with the receptionist and then we talked to wait for the guest.

At 9 am, I saw my guests checked out the room then we met and greeted together. Our guests were 2 Canadian girls- Beata and Ashley, who are the same age as us. Beata learned Commerce and Ashley has learned Biology. They are very friendly and great, I talked to the tender girl- Ashley and Dũng said more to Beata- kindness girl. Ashley is a tender girl who steps up stair softly and helps me to fix my pronunciation mistakes. She had had a trip to Ho Chi Minh city for a long time and this time she returned Vietnam and visit Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Sapa. They have had a trip to Thai land before.

A hot day tour of mine - Hanoi Free Walking Tours

My lovely guests and my ( tiny girl ).

After showing the schedule to them, we went to first destination- 40 Hang Ngang where Ho Chi Minh president writing the independent declaration. Beata took some photos and we showed to them something about Ho Chi Minh and then we went to White Horse Temple.We talked more stories about the legend of the temple, friendship between turtle and crane, why having high steps, about Buddhist hand fruits, about palankeen for King and so on. Next destination was heritage house at Ma May Street, Beata was interested in the traditional game like robic there so she bought it. We were up stair and relaxed some minutes with electronic fan and shared more about student ‘s life at Vietnam and Canada.

Next, we passed over a narrow and dark alley( I cannot remember the where it is) at Hang Buom street to go to Dong Xuan Market and saw some kiosks with many goods: the foods, machines, and so on. And then the place I like the most – Long Bien Bridge. We took some photos there and had resting time at the train station.We chatted about Break summer and so on. We recommended them to go to Hue or Hoi An if they come back Vietnam.Hue and Hoi An is one of the best very beautiful and ancient.

Finally, we went around Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple. Today is so hot so we drink water more- twice to go to mini market but It is very interesting and memorable for me about two nice friends.
At 12:30 we said good bye and showed to them where to enjoy egg coffee.
Hope them have a nice trip to Sapa tomorrow

Hoan Kiem Lake or Sword Lake which is a green lake as a mirror of Hanoi, a beautiful basket of flowers, a place of love, being surrounede by Hanoi old quarter. It was one part of the Red River. Throughout thousands of years of geographical changes, Hoan Kiem Lake moved eastward to its present position kilometers from the river.
Hoan kiem lake - hanoi free tours by foot

Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake)

Before the famous historical legend of King Le Loi, the lake used to be called Luc Thuy Lake (it means Green Water Lake in Vietnamese) because the water was green all the year round. In 15th century, it was called Sword Lake after the legend of Emperor Le Thai To.

6 centuries ago in Le Dynasty witness the legendary story of one of the beautiful lake. During the war against the Minh aggressors, there is Golden Turtle God who gave King Le Thai To a precious fairy sword. After ten years of continuous struggling, the King finally won and reclaimed the nation’s independence. After that, on a nice day, while boating on Luc Thuy Lake, a large turtle came towards him and asked to return the previous sword.
It immediately grabbed the sword and submerged. The King mourned the loss of such a valuable sword, but could not find either the turtle or the sword. He realized that the God must have lent him the sword so that he could drive back the enemy, then his nation was free, the sword must be returned. Hence, King Le Thai To named the lake as the Sword Lake.

History of hoang kiem lake - Sword Lake - Hoan Kiem Lake

Sword Lake – Hoan Kiem Lake in the past

Nowadays, the Sword Lake is located inside a complex of Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, and Pen Tower in the surroundings, make a sparkling colorful natural picture. They are also one of the most famous destination in Vietnam. Ngoc Son Temple has undergone numerous renovations, one among which was the addition of Pen Tower on its hill, which was called Dao Tai. There are three words “Ta Thien Thanh” inscribed on the tower, it means write on blue sky. Inside the gate, a pool resembling the shape of an ink well was added. Beyond the ink well is The The Huc Bridge, it means “where the sun light is absorbed”. The Bridge leads to Dac Nguyet Lau which means Moon Light tower in Vietnamese – Ngoc Son shrine. Beyond the gates to the shrine, there are 2 walls named bang Rong and bang Ho (dragon and tiger slate), where names of people who passed the national test were inscribed.

turtle temple - Sword Lake - Hoan Kiem Lake

Turtle temple

Things that you should not miss in this beautiful complex is the Turtle Tower lying in the middle of the Lake, it reminds Vietnamese people of the Turtle God of his great assistance.
Despite the time’s ashes and dust, Sword Lake which is the beautiful historical and legendary place is eternal for good as an evidence of a fairy and heroic Hanoi during the past wars, and a charming and romantic Hanoi nowadays.