If you are wondering “ How much money for a trip to Vietnam ” or the price of goods, eating and transportation in Hanoi or Saigon is cheap or it is easy to find a good hotel in Hanoi,… hundreds of questions appear in your mind before your trip in Vietnam. So, today Hanoi Free Tours will supply detail information about traveling expenses, entrance free, accommodation expenses or food in Hanoi.

I. Exchange your money to VND

For foreigners and traveler all over the world who want to visit Vietnam, Before asking yourself ” How much money for a trip to Vietnam You have to know that Vietnam is an Asian country which has traveling expenses much cheaper than many other countries. It could be a special point which appeals to them much. If you want to know “how much you will spend in Hanoi”, the first thing also the most important thing you should know is the exchange rate between USA Dollar and Dong (Vietnam’s currency)
– At the present time, 1USD = 1$ = 22,630 Dong. It’s roughly equivalent for a bowl of Vietnamese noodle) in Vietnam. Please remember that you can exchange USD to VND at almost Banks and ATM in Vietnam.

Exchange-monney-How much money for a trip to Vietnam

Exchange your money to VND

– What will happen to you If you do not exchange to VND?
When you buy some food, books, goods…etc…in Vietnam, and you pay them by USD you’re likely to be overcharged because salesman tends to round the value of Dollar down.
For example: If you buy a bowl of Vietnamese noodle (pho ) 20.000 Dong they will charge you 1 dollar
Instead of paying you back the change: 2.630 dongs. Be careful with it.
-You know that there will be many things you have to pay for when you are in Vietnam such as money for a good accommodation or hotel, meals, traffic and other kinds of goods

II. Traveling Expenses:

The fuel prices in Vietnam always change by the day which leads to transport expenses considerable increase. Taxi fee, grab bike or train, the plain fare is also higher than in the past.
For the price quotation for taxi and grab bike or Renting A Motorbike
You see in this post: TRANSPORTATION IN HANOI


Depending on what kinds of Hotel you would like to live at. The expenses will fluctuate from 24$ -> 34$ per day for first- class hotels and 12$-> 17$ for medium- class hotels. You should know that Vietnam Government will not license hotel or hostel to accept foreigner without a fridge, offering air- conditioner, private bath, cable TV, some other necessary equipment and so on. And you can demand it if your hotel you rent doesn’t equip.

Hotel Fee - How much money for a trip to Vietnam


How much money for a trip to Vietnam

If you a student and someone else and you would like to frugal as much as possible then you look for signs “ Nhà Nghỉ” “ Nhà Trọ”… It will cost you only 6$->8$ per night with enough amenities ( shampoo, soap, fresh towel, toothbrush, etc)


Maybe foods, drink, goods and many kinds of souvenirs in Vietnam….will charge your money much more than other services because of its immense charm. Hanoi streets food is one of the famous, attractive and traditional kinds of eating, with a wide range of dishes for all the class of people( including The most demanding people) and some dishes are only 5000đ-> 10.000đ ( >0.5$). You can freely choose what you want for your meals. You also can eat local food or Western food or food of your country in Hanoi. A tip for you that: go out and enjoy Vietnamese street foods, traditional foods If must be much cheaper than food provided by Hotel.

here is a list of street foods which are traditional and famous food in Vietnam that we would like to recommend you.

  1. Pho ( Vietnamese noodle soup )

Sometimes you will see on the Advertisement boarding of a shop or a restaurant: PHO BO or PHO GA, Pho Bo is a specialty dish of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. There are two main kinds of Pho: Beef noodle and chicken noodle. A fragrant for a bowl of Pho is about 25.000-> 50.000 dong ( 1$-> 3$) will nearly fill up your belly


Bun Cha is listed in the list of 10 most delicious and street food in the world.

It brings a deep flavor of a traditional food in Hanoi, Vietnam. With a plate of white rice noodle, grilled meat, a special sauce and other ingredients such as peanut, chili sauce, and salad, It must satisfy the hardest person who once tried Bun Cha.

A portion of Bun Cha has price of 25.000-> 35.000 (1$ -> 1.5$)

  1. Egg Coffee

For A cup of egg coffee in Hanoi is about 1$ -> 2$ with the great flavor of egg attracting combine with mild and Vietnamese coffee, the most interest of foreign visitors who have been to Vietnam. Instead of hesitating, let go to the Old Quarter and enjoy one of the most delicious coffee in the world.

  1. Bia Hoi (draught beer-Fresh Beer)

Apart from Eggs Coffee, fresh beer also an ideal choice for you in the summer of Hanoi. A cup of Hanoi fresh beer with ice and sitting in the beer corner to enjoy Hanoian daily life, oh my god it’s so excellent.

  1. Overseas Foods

Moreover, you can also find western- style food. You will be looking at 4$ to 5$ for a plate of pasta or a small pizza,  and about 4$-> 6$ for an Indian dish with flat bread, and a steak imported from New Zealand will cost 350,000 to 650,000 VND (20 to 40 USD).


How about Tabaco in Hanoi If you would like to try the flavor of local Cigarette, don’t hesitate. You can go to any grocery store which you see on the street and bring it back will only 10,000 -> 20,000 VND (0.5-> 1$) for a pack of butts depending on what kind of Tabaco you like to smoke (Thang Long or Vinataba Cigarettes)

Moreover, for someone who doesn’t like those kinds of cigarette, let buy other kinds of cigarette at grocery stores. It will cost you more than a local cigarette about 1$ or 2$ and even 3$

.Black Captain: 72k /pack

. Black Mild: 100k /pack

. Black Devil: 55k /pack

. Black Captain 8: 100k /pack

. Richmond: 45k /pack

. Black Captain 25: 35k /cigarette

. Mond apple, strawberry, grape: 35k /pack

. Camel: 55k/pack

. Raison icepresso, Raison sunpresso : 75k /pack

. Cigar mini Villiger: 140k /pack

. Zest Korea: 40k /pack

. Cigar Cafe Creme: 130k /pack

. Gudang 16: 70k /pack

. Jet Thai: 35k /pack

V. ENTRANCE FEE ( this is the most important thing of question ” How much money for a trip to Vietnam” )

It will very regret if you visit Hanoi without enjoying the beauty of many famous tourist destinations in Hanoi, so let enjoy it.

Entrance-free- How much money for a trip to Vietnam

ENTRANCE FEE (How much money for a trip to Vietnam)

This is the list of entrance fee for the most famous places in Hanoi where you should go to visit when you are here:

Literature of Confucius: 30.000dong/ adult


Thang Long citadel : 30.000 dong/ adult


Quan Thanh temple:10.000dong/ adult

Ngoc Son temple: 30.000dong/ adult


MaisonCentral (Hoa lo prison) 30.000dong/ adult


Ho Chi Minh Museum: 40.000dong/ adult

Fine Arts of Museum: 20.000dong/ adult

Vietnam Museum of ethnology: 40.000dong/adult


National Museum of Vietnamese History: 40.000dong/adult


Vietnam Military History Museum: 40.000dong/adult


Perfume Pagoda : 50.000dong/ ticket

Ferry fee: 35.000dong/ return- trip ticket

After Reading my article hope you will know ” How much money for a trip to Vietnam” to prepare your plan to my beautiful country.