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What is the Best Banh Mi in Hanoi ?

The Vietnamese roast pork roll is bursting with the signature flavors of this beautiful country: coriander, mint, chilies and pickled vegetables. This is fusion food at its best, where the soft French baguettes of the colonizers were used to hold these distinctly ingredients of Vietnam. In addition, a good slathering on mayonnaise is necessary to cool the heat from the chilies, and the whole thing is finished with a light soy dressing. In the end, you will have a perfectly balanced sandwich which is full of flavor and freshness.Today Hanoi Free Tour Guides Will bring you to ” Banh Mi 25 ” where sell the Best Banh Mi in Hanoi.

Best Banh Mi in Hanoi 1

Best Banh Mi in Hanoi

The history of Best Banh Mi In Hanoi?

In the Western Hemisphere, particularly in areas with substantial Vietnamese expatriate communities, the term is used to refer to a type of meat-filled sandwich on bread, found in Vietnamese bakeries. Unlike the traditional French baguette, Banh Mi is made with rice flour along with wheat flour. Typical fillings include pan-roasted, steamed or oven-roasted seasoned pork belly, grilled pork, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork patties, spreadable pork liver paté, chicken floss, grilled chicken, pork floss, canned sardines in tomato sauce, soft pork meatballs in head cheese, tomato sauce, mock duck, fried eggs, and tofu. Accompanying vegetables typically combine fresh cucumber slices, pickled carrots, cilantro (leaves of the coriander plant) and white radishes in shredded form. Common condiments are spicy chili sauce, mayonnaise, sliced chilis, and cheese.

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In the Vietnam, these sandwiches would be referred to as e.g a baguette with crushed pork meatball, a baguette or sandwich with pâté, Vietnamese sausage, and meat like pork bellies, because it is the most common kind of meat. Almost all of those varieties are innovations made by in Saigon and they are known as Saigon-Style” Banh Mi; the most popular form is meat Banh Mi. Nevertheless, even in Vietnam, a best Banh Mi for breakfast implies a meat-filled sandwich for breakfast, it is not just bread.

How to make Banh Mi?

  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine lukewarm water and the yeast. You can add sugar to easy activate the yeast. Then stir well to dissolve. Add a half of the flour and stir them to create a thick mixture with the consistency of pancake batter. After that, cover and leave it in a warm place for 2-3 hours, until bubbles appear all over its surface.

How to make best banh mi 1

How to make Banh Mi 1.

  1. Add salt and the rest of the flour and then stir well with a wooden spoon until well combined. Transfer the mixture to a floured working surface and knead well until it forms into a soft, smooth and elastic piece of dough. Kneading method: fold the dough and you can use the wrist to push and stretch without tearing it. That helps gluten to develop or you could switch hands alternately.

How to make best banh mi 2

How to make Banh Mi 2.

  1. Place the dough back in the mixing bowl. Cover it with the kitchen towel and let it rest in a warm place about 35-37°C or 95-98°F for one hour or until it doubles in size.

How to make best banh mi 3

How to make Banh Mi 3.

  1. Transfer the dough onto the working surface carefully. You should try not to deflate the gas inside. With a scraper or a knife, divide the dough into 3 equal portions and each one should weigh around 130g. Twist each portion inside out and form into a ball. Cover them with a kitchen towel and let them rest for 10 minutes.

How to make best banh mi 4

How to make Banh Mi 4.

  1. Take out one portion, hold the side and bang it three times on the counter. You can use the wrist of your hand to flatten it out roughly into a 20×10 cm rectangle. Roll it lengthwise and then pinch the edges together. Place both hands on top of the dough, roll it back and forth on the counter, apply more pressure on your baby fingers than your thumbs to shape it into Banh Mi from.

How to make best banh mi 5

How to make Banh Mi 5.

  1. You should place the shaped dough on a piece of parchment paper and cover with kitchen towel. Let it rest for another one hour until it rises double in size.

How to make best banh mi 6

How to make Banh Mi 6.

  1. Preheat oven and the baking tray at 230°C for at least fifteen minutes before baking. Then place a tray of hot water at the bottom of the oven.

How to make best banh mi 7

How to make Banh Mi 7.

  1. To slash the baguette, you should use a paper cut knife or a razor blade, keep it at 45° angles, make a quick and determined slash across the dough lengthwise. Ater that, bake immediately after slashing.

How to make best banh mi 8

How to make Banh Mi 8.

  1. Next step, remove the preheated baking tray from the oven and lift up the parchment paper in order to transfer the shaped dough onto the tray. You should spray water on both sides of the oven and on the dough.

How to make best banh mi 9

How to make Banh Mi 9

  1. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 230°C/450°F. After the first eight minutes, spray water one more time on the baguettes and you can rotate the baking tray or the parchment paper to bake the baguettes.

How to make best banh mi 10

How to make Banh Mi 10.

  1. If the bottom part of the baguettes isn’t as golden as the upper part, you should remove the water tray and lower the baking tray. Turn off the heat and let the baguettes sit in the oven for a few minutes. The crust of the baguettes continues to crack after removed from the oven.

How to make best banh mi 11

How to make Banh Mi 11.

Where can you find a Best Banh Mi in Hanoi ?

One of my favorite foods is Vietnamese sandwich which called Banh Mi. I would like to introduce one of the Vietnamese Sandwich places in Hanoi which I visited in July 2016. It is called “Banh Mi 25” where sell Best Banh Mi In Hanoi.

Best Banh Mi in Hanoi 2

Banh Mi 25.

If you are around Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam, I think that you should try a Best Banh Mi In Hanoi at “Banh Mi 25”.  It’s big and tasty. The baguette is crispy outside and soft chewy inside texture with juicy meats. I chose a Banh Mi with pork – mixed that includes BBQ pork, pate, ham, and sausage. Its price is VND 25,000, high quality, but low price!

Store Banh Mi 25 is a famous place which is basically a stand on the street. I visited around 7.am, right after their opening. There were endless customers of mostly local Vietnamese. Banh mi was made after your order, You can do to go, but you can eat there. They have some small chairs on the street for you to enjoy your breakfast.


Price of a Best Banh Mi in Hanoi.

A sandwich’s price is VND15,000 – 25,0000 (USD $0.7 – 1.1).

You will be very satisfied with what you get based on what you pay.

Some kind of Best Banh Mi in Hanoi.

– Omelet Bread

– Chicken Bread

– Grilled pork bread

– Shredded pork skin bread

– Vegetarian bread

– Juicy crushed pork meatballs bread

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Banh Mi – Vietnamese Bread or Saigon baguette or Fried pork bread which is tradditional food in Vietnam is very popular.

Banh Mi - Vietnamese Bread

Banh Mi – Vietnamese Bread

Bread is usually made with wheat and rice flour and it is considered as a combination of sandwich and baguette with its ingredients: Thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers, pickles, mayonnaise, liver paté and various meats. They are put into bread and covered by a little soy or fish sauce.

how to cook vietnamese bread - Banh Mi - Vietnamese Bread

How to cook Vietnamese bread

Vietnamese people usually sell bread in small stalls on the street-side, specially in Hanoi Old Quarter and the seller will offer lots of types of bread depending on customer’s needs. Common varieties are omelet bread, chicken bread, grilledpork bread, shredded pork skin bread, juicy crushed pork meatballs bread. If you are vegetarian, you can eat bread with vegetables and tofu. It makes Vietnamese cuisine various.

vietnamese bread Banh Mi - Vietnamese Bread

Eating Vietnamses Bread

It is the reason why this baguette plays an important role in Vietnamese life- specially with officers and people in a busy city. Any time, they can eat Vietnamese Traditional Bread at breakfast, lunch or even dinner; when doing something, walking and won’t feel bored because there are a lot of flavors to change.

here for the Best Banh Mi In Hanoi if you have a chance to visit Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is distinct and delicious. The cuisine relies on a balance of sour and spicy, salty and sweet, achieved through use of nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit, cane sugar or tamarind and chilli peppers. Dishes use a lot of fresh herbs but tend not to be overly spicy, as chilli sauces are served separately. Today Hanoi Free tours by foot will give top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Fresh Spring Rolls ( Goi cuon )

Goi cuon is consider as Vietnamese most famous dish: translucent spring rolls packed with greens, coriander and combinations of shrimp, minced pork or crab. They are usually served with a bowl of lettuce or mint. A southern variation also has barbecued strips of pork which is wrapped up with green banana and star fruit, and then dunked in a rich peanut sauce – every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Vietnam tasty food goi quan

Vietnamese Sandwich ( Banh Mi )

This baguette sandwich (Banh mi) is filled with greens and a choice of fillings such as hot dog, paté and freshly made omelette. It is so tasty and has been imitated around the world. If you go to hanoi please follow this post to know more about vietnamese bread and find best banh mi in hanoi

Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

Pancake ( Bánh Xèo )

Banh xeo which means “sizzling pancake” is an delicious, cheap and filling Vietnamese pancake. It contains pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and egg, which is then fried, wrapped in rice paper. People usually eat “banh xeo” with fresh herbs and dunk it in a spicy sauce. It is tasty and you should try.

Pancake ( Bánh Xèo ) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Pancake ( Bánh Xèo )

Grilled Pork With Vermicelli and Fresh Greens ( Bun cha )

In Hanoi, you will find “bun cha” everywhere, at food stalls or even street kitchens. Essentially a small hamburger, the pork patties are barbecued on an open charcoal brazier and then served on a bed of cold rice noodles with assorted foliage and a slightly sweetish sauce.

Grilled pork with vermicelli and fresh greens ( Bun cha ) -Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Grilled pork with vermicelli and fresh greens ( Bun cha )

Beef Noodle Soup ( Pho )

When talking about Vietnamese national dish, people usually think about “pho” or noodle soup which is eaten luch, dinner and specially at breakfast. The basic bowl of “pho” consists of a light beef or chicken broth flavoured with coriander and ginger, to which are added broad and flat rice noodles, vertical sliced onions and slivers of pork, chicken, or beef.

Beef Noodle soup ( Pho ) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Beef Noodle soup ( Pho )

Noodle With Pork And Greens ( Cao lau )

Cao lau” is very famous in central areas of Vietnam. Among Hoi An’s tasty specialities is “cao lau”, a mouthwatering bowlful of thick rice-flour noodles, pork-rind croutons and bean sprouts in a light soup flavoured with star anise and mint, topped with thin sliced pork and served with sprinkled with crispy rice paper or grilled rice-flour crackers.

Noodle with Pork and Greens ( cao lau ) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Noodle with Pork and Greens ( cao lau )

Vietnamese Fish Patties/Cake ( Cha ca )

Seafood dishes makes Vietnamese cuisinemore and more famous. Perhaps “Cha ca”, reportedly devised in Hanoi, is the best known. It is white fish sautéed in butter with sliced onions and dill, then served with noodles and a scatering of peanuts.

Vietnamese Fish Patties/Cake ( Cha ca ) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Vietnamese Fish Patties/Cake ( Cha ca )

Quang Noodle with Pork and Shrimp (Mi quang )

This affordable and unheralded noodle dish is a Hanoi specialty. Its ingredients are very various, but expect to see a simple bowl of meat noodles enlivened by additions like fresh sprigs of leaves, flavoursome oils, peanuts, shrimp, mint and quail eggs.

Quang Noodle with Pork and Shrimp (Mi quang ) - Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Quang Noodle with Pork and Shrimp (Mi quang ) 

Banana-Blossom Salad ( Nom hoa chuoi )

Nom hoa chuoi, or banana-flower salad, is a great meat-free option for you ro try.
Lime and chili are the key flavors which add a refreshing punch to the shredded veg.

Banana-Blossom Salad ( Nom hoa chuoi ) -Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi


Banana-Blossom Salad ( Nom hoa chuoi )

Broken Rice with Grilled Pork Chop ( Com tam )

Com tam or broken rice, is a street-stand favourite. Recipes vary, but you will often find it served with barbecued pork or beef and a fried egg. If you come to Vietnam and foget to try this you will regret all your life.

Broken Rice with Grilled Pork Chop ( Com tam )- Top 10 must try dishes in hanoi

Broken Rice with Grilled Pork Chop ( Com tam )

Enjoy your meal .