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Ha Long Bay – tourist destination

Ha Long Bay is one of the most famous destinations in the North of Vietnam. It has attracted a lot of visitors not only in Vietnam but also all over the worlds. The combination of stone, clean water and sky create an atmosphere that is other-worldly.

the beauty of ha long Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay – tourist destination

Some famous Island in Ha Long that you should not miss

Bai Tu Long is one of the top attractions of Ha Long. It is one of the three peaks of the World Natural Heritage sites, the place of wild beauty. Therefore, it is extraordinarily exciting if you take a trip and explore the beauty of wild nature here. There are stone mountains, forests, caves, long sandy beaches corals and mangrove forests as well as a charming fishing village. It also offers coral diving, fishing, kayaking, cycling and several cultural activities. Visitors come here will have chances to admire an outdoor museum with its biodiversity, aesthetic beauty and culture.

Castaway Island is another site Ha Long Bay that visitors shouldn’t miss. The Island surrounded by dramatic limestone with a stretch of golden sand beach is very nice. The Bay looks towards rugged islands and beyond to the Gulf of Tonkin. Tourists and people rarely visit it and find the whole island by themselves. There are several activities offered on this island including banana boat rides, wakeboarding and rock-climbing. The view from the top of the cliffs is very spectacular.

Activities in ha long bay

Some famous Island in Ha Long

Cruises of Ha Long Bay may provide various itineraries. Sung Sot Cave is recommended to be among the destinations of a cruise. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage area on Bo Hon Island. It is one of the widest grottos of this lovely place and has thousands of stalactites that sparkle and glitter in the strategically placed light.

Another interesting cave to visit is the Virgin Cave. Hang Trinh Nu is also named the Mid Gate cave. According to legend, there is a statue of a woman reclining in the cave who married an old mandarin. She committed suicide, and then her body turned to stone. The most interesting part of the cave is the two-kilometer tunnels and chambers that cross the island.

Activities that would grate experiences when you go to Ha Long Bay

There are a lot of different choices for Ha Long’s cruises. Most of them are for two or three nights. The cabins are air conditioned within house phones. Some suites have televisions, and they have the amenities expected of a five-star hotel. They also offer kayaking and other water sports as well as snorkelling, swimming and massage in the crystal clear water of the Bay. Some cruises offer foot reflexology and onboard cooking classes.

ha long bay viet nam

Activities in Ha Long bay

There are a variety of choices for both size and type of cabin including deluxe cabins and suites. All cruise ships have modern facilities but are designed to look like an exotic oriental junk. They all have sun decks, and some rooms have a private balcony. Mahogany wood panels and cream silk tapestry used to build these ships make their atmosphere is luxurious.

Dining on these cruises consists of international cuisines as well as the best local Vietnamese ones and an excellent selection of wine with a service staff dedicated to giving guests the best possible experiences; these cruises are so unique in the world of travel.

Ha Long most famous cuisines

Sea snails, a half of Ha Long’s cuisine

It might be a bit overstated to say that half of Ha Long’s cuisines are dishes made from sea snails. However, it is to emphasise the significant contribution of this impressive food stuff to Ha Long gastronomy.

Sea snails, a half of Ha Long’s cuisine Ha Long Bay

Sea snails, a half of Ha Long’s cuisine

There is no need to estimation on how many types of sea snails are edible in this beautiful Bay. Bai Chay market and Cao Xanh market are famous spots which are supposed to sell sea snails with the best quality. With one bowl of sauce made from fish sauce, peppers, ginger and lemongrass, each type of snails with different ways to enjoy and different unique flavours would make anyone’s mouth water. Visitors enjoying snails should drink hard beverages like alcohol to avoid stomachache.

Squid sausage – Ha Long’s most famous dish

Ha Long is very famous for its squid-sausages, which is told to be fragrant and delicious only when processed by restaurants in Ha Long. The food is a fusion of hashed squid and mysterious spices that only the talent chefs here know, then moulded into round pieces and fried in boiling oil. This unique dish could be found anywhere along the shore in the North of Vietnam, but nowhere has the delicious one like in Ha Long.

halong-Squid-Sausage Ha Long Bay

Squid sausage – Ha Long’s most famous dish

The diversity of shrimps, from the common ones to the luxurious ones like lobsters, is another outstanding feature of cuisine in Ha Long. To a lot of local people, a dish of steamed shrimps, served with a plate of fresh spicy vegetables and salt with lemon, is an ideal dish for a joyful, friendly union.

Ha Long is one of the most famous destinations in the North of Vietnam. Therefore, why don’t you try it to make your tour more memorable?

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