Hello everyone, Today I’m going to tell you about my greatest tour I have had.


Reaching at 56 Au Trieu str where the Impressive hotel is located, I waited outside to wait for my partner there were so many people having a breakfast without no electricity as well as no enough chairs for everyone.After partner appeared so quickly, we went inside to pick guests up. We opened the door and a receptionist waiting there wondered if we were from Hanoi Free Tours by foot and their tour guide for the Free walking tour in Hanoi today and then he introduced us to an American man standing next to him to wait for us. We introduced ourselves while waiting for his wife. After a few minutes, she appeared with a happy face and said ” hello” to us. My first impression was that they were so nice and easy to talk with. Thank God. We discussed the schedule for a full-day tour and made a decision to visit: HCM complex and Temple Of Literature in the morning, The old quarter and French quarter in the afternoon. They completely agreed and we started tour immediately by walking.

Hanoi free walking tours - my greatest tour ever

Hoan Kiem Lake.


As our schedule, we visited HCM complex first. On the way to go there, we talked a lot and knew some interesting from each other. Both are from Floria in the US and they are a classmate from a high school to the university, so they have met each other for 24 years. Now, both work together as website designers. They are so sweet and cute. Elizabeth is a happy woman while her husband is so funny. He always tells jokes and he said to me:”she is my boss and knows how to take care me because sometimes I seem crazy”, He asked me not to tell her, but I still told “hehehhehehe”. Reaching HCM complex, we saw thousands of people waiting to go there. There were a lot of primary student staying in line to wait and when they saw guests coming, they said:”HELLOOOOOO” so loudly while waving their hands, which made us look like celebrities Elizabeth was very happy because they love kids so much. Seeing a lot of people wanting to visit HCM mausoleum, we intended to skip it and went to Ba Dinh square with a view to visiting some house, but Rick and his guest saw us and informed that we couldn’t do that. Therefore, we skipped HCM complex to visit Temple Of Literature after that. Arriving at Temple Of Literature, we saw many people visiting there again, but it seemed easier to go. After buying tickets, My partner and I told them some useful information of Temple Of Literature: the history, the architecture, examinations, traditions or feudalism ….. They were interested in, especially Elizabeth. We spent 1 hours and a half visiting there before moving to Hoa Lo prison as the last place in the morning.

Temple of literature - my greatest tour ever

Temple of literature.

In Hoa Lo prison, they were emotional when they heard the history, the poor condition of that prison or the way the French used to torture Vietnamese soldier. Elizabeth’s husband was interested in that prison so much. He tried to know more about Vietnam war in Vietnamese’s view and he cried after watching a documentary film. However, he felt strange when he saw people selling souvenir in the hotel. He asked me how people did it in this historical places and he felt sad. He would like to go somewhere and experienced real things, real life, and real feeling. I had a chance to share my grandfather’story to him, which made him so interesting. He is a nice and considerate man I have never met before. We spend 2 hours visiting, sharing stories and listening each other before ending morning-tour.
For a lunch, we went to Hang Dieu street to eat ” Bun bo Nam Bo“. We ordered two full bowls for my partner and I and two no beef bowls for them because they are vegetarian. Luckily, they loved it so much and didn’t forget to ask me to write the address so that they could try it again. We finished our lunch at 2 p.m and started afternoon tour at 2. 15 p.m. As usual, we visited some famous destinations such as Hang Ma street, Dong Xuan market, Quan Chuong Gate, Long Bien bridge, white horse temple and a small alley,….. We intended to visit the heritage house, but they would like to visit later, so we skipped and drank egg coffee instead. At 11 Hang Gai, we order 2 hot egg coffee, 2 cold cacao. We talked so much. Seeing Vu chatting with a girl, her husband suggested Vu inviting her to go to the cafe or cinema to date, He was kidding us every time he could. After that, we moved to The french quarter.We visited Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Opera house, and Metropole hotel. We introduced them Metropole is the 1st five-star hotel and many celebrities stayed there and her husband said that:” Why didn’t they stay at the Impressive hotel”, That’s so funny. We went inside to visit Metropole and, fortunately, the bomb shelter was opened at that day so that we could go underground to visit. I have to say that ít was so cool, We were so lucky, honestly. Finishing Metropole, we kept going to Saint Joseph Cathedral as the last destination of full -day tour.

In the acient house - my greatest tour ever

In the ancient house.

The last END:

We came back their hotel happily. They thanked us for that awesome day and said that they would sleep well that night. They gave us best wishes and didn’t forget to say:” Bye, kids”

Thank you for reading.