Mai Chau – Vietnam

Mai Chau – Vietnam
beautiful flower in mai chau - vietnam

Nestled in a valley in the mountainous area in the North West of Vietnam, Mai Chau is a comfortable, relaxing and totally charming place to visit. It located in Hoa Binh province, just 140 km from the Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. It is a place to chill out with the hospitality of people here, enjoy the spontaneous and planned local entertainment and to indulge in a little exploration of its beautiful nature.

Famous sightseeing in Mai Chau

In Mai Chau Valley, there are a lot of national grottoes and caves and such as Chieu Cave, Pieng Kem Grotto, Mo Luong Cave and archaeological sites like Lang Cave and Khau Phuc Cave. If you have chances standing on the peak of the Cun Mountain, the first things catching your eyes is the picturesque panorama of stilt houses along with a lush green valley.

Mai chau - Vietnam

Mai Chau – Vietnam

The unique beauty of the people and culture of Mai Chau

Another thing that makes Mai Chau has become more and more popular is the hospitability here. The ethnic groups warmly host tourists who come here. The people in Mai Chau are primarily from the Thai ethnic minority groups which include the Black Thai and the White one who live in up and down mountains. In Vietnam, because of the difference among the primary colours of the dress of each ethnic minority group, they call them as the name of a tribe.

culture and traditions in mai chau - vietnam

Culture and Traditions in Mai Chau – Vietnam

Other than in the dancers, unlike Sapa and other remote areas of Vietnam, you will not see a lot of people wearing their traditional clothes. However, they do still live mainly in stilt houses which are unique in mountainous areas of Vietnam. The Stilt is one of the most typical features of the ethnic people in Vietnam. Their roof is made of palm leaves while the floor made of bamboo. The kitchen is usually in the centre of the house. That is the place to cook and weave work. Thai people in Mai Chau make colourful clothes and many kinds of souvenirs such as embroidered pictures, bags, wallets, hats themselves from “Tho Cam” materials.

Beautiful girls were battled in water from the spring in mai chau - vietnam

Beautiful girls were battled in water from the spring 

Tourists can find those in various types and colours in the Mai Chau market which are the wonderful mixture of nature and people, particularly in the spring. Going for a wander round the market to admire the beauty and exquisite talent of the Thai maidens, feeling the cold wind, buying fresh local products or trying the local food will give you great memories.

beautiful flower in mai chau - vietnam

Beautiful flower field in Mai Chau – Vietnam

Recently, Mai Chau has undergone considerable changes, and it has become one of the most popular break points for travellers because of its hospitality of the people as well as the valuable traditions remain.

Some interesting things that you should do in Mai Chau

I’m sure that cycling will make your time in Mai Chau more and more memorable. The land is mainly flat making cycling easy and funny for the most basic of amateurs. If you get tired, there will not be far to go before you reach a place to rest that also serves some great local beer. Of course, if you don’t trust yourself on the two wheels you may always stick to your two feet and take a walk.

cycling in mai chau -viet nam

Cycling in Mai Chau – Vietnam

Other activities that you should do in this area are rock scrambling and climbing into the depths of the local cave. This cave is such an enjoyable adventure. Make sure that you prepared good shoes. Firstly, start off in a huge cavernous entrance area. You then leave this area and walk, then scramble, duck and dive through ever narrowing corridors. Lighting is minimal offering marvellous atmosphere. Eventually, you will open out to such another huge area at the bottom. Apparently, you can swim through to the open air. Maybe there were no takers to prove the theory.

climbing and crambling in mai chau - vietnam

Climbing and Crambling in Mai Chau – Vietnam

There are a lot of inevitable gift shops in Mai Chau and the local women who weave beautiful scarves that they sell and a ridiculously low price. Foods in Mai Chau are delicious, all made with fresh local products. In the afternoon, you can enter into a game of pool with the local people while strolling through the village.
In case you want to see the whole beauty of this extended area, just take a ride into the mountainous area and visit the Ethnic Minority market of the Flower H’mong people. This scene is a riot of colours with the locals not only selling brightly, multicoloured material but also wearing it in the traditional way.
These are some unique beauties of this lovely place. If you are in the North of Vietnam and have a couple of days spare, do not miss this area.


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