Lau – Vietnamese HotPot

Lau – Vietnamese HotPot
Lau - Vietnamese Hot Pot

Lau – Vietnamese HotPot (also known as the steam bowl in other Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, etc.. ) consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the centre of the dining table. When the hotpot is simmering, its ingredients are put into the pot and are cooked right at the table.

Hot pot in viet nam - Lau - Vietnamese HotPot

Lau – Vietnamese HotPot

HotPot is my most favourite dish after heavy drinking. You will need a hot pot—you can find one along the streets in any Asian marketplace, little food stalls, particularly in larger cities.

Typical hotpot dishes include thinly sliced beef, chicken or pork meat, fresh vegetables, tofu skin, mushrooms, wontons, taro, egg dumplings, and seafood.

For the hot pot, in a large pot, place fry garlic cloves, ginger, lemongrass, tamarind paste, chillies, fish sauce, sugar. When hot and fragrant, add the chicken stock, simmer it for half an hour. While the hotpot is simmering, add your favourite types of meat that you want to add (sometimes chicken breast, beef, veal, whole shrimp) into your hot pot for few minutes before eating. (leave the head and tail on to have more flavour), fish balls, etc

Lau - Vietnamese HotPot

ingredients of Lau – Vietnamese HotPot

For a vegetarian version, try shiitake and different kinds of mushrooms, bok choy, cabbage, Thai spinach, fresh herbs, chicken egg, and rice or instant noodles.

Adding any other meats, vegetables, noodles, or dumplings that you like! The more ingredients you place in, and the longer they are being simmered, the more fragrant your hot pot gets.

Vegetarian Lau - Vietnamese hotpot

Vegetarian Lau – Vietnamese hotpot

After cooking the food is usually eaten with a traditional dipping sauce (Mixture of lime juice, fresh chilli, garlic, salt). Hotpot dishes are usually eaten in the cold winter during dinner time.

The traditional coal-heated steamer or hot pot has been replaced by electric, propane, butane gas, or different induction cooker types.

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