Hanoi Streetfood Tour

Hanoi Streetfood Tour
hanoi street food tour

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Vietnamese cooking is very fresh, usually superb and flavourful, as the profusion of Vietnamese restaurants in America, united kingdom, and Germany. Within the country, there is a plethora of regional variations. And as in all parts of the region, rice and noodles usually form the initial basis of all meals. Not surprisingly that fish is plentiful and fresh. There’s a reliance on vegetables and fresh herbs, as well as the gloriously pungent presence of fermented fish sauce and shrimp paste. Vietnamese cuisine is generally considered healthy..

EVENING6pm – 9pm

One of our guests’s review:

We are a family of 5 my children are 5yr,13yr & 15yr our guide was Rick. He was so friendly listening and conversing with my 5-year-old son about what random 5-year-olds often think and talk about.
It is always special when someone gives your kids the time of day to listen to them ever if they are telling rubbish lol.
We were planning and excited about going on this street food tour. We did it on our second day in Vietnam. We skipped lunch so that we can keep space. But we really should have stopped eating a year ago. It did not take a long time for us to get full of tasty goodness.
We tried all new kind of foods, that we have never heard of and everything was super amazing. We tried things like egg coffee, pho bo, bun cha, these things like porridge soup (made from rice, not oats), fruit salad yogurt & local beer ( they call bia hoi) partnered up with this pork meat dish that you would eat with fig leaves very yummy. Sorry I can’t remember a lot of the foods that we ate as most didn’t have English names of them only Vietnam names and I can’t remember sorry about that. We tried like 8 different foods and 2 and different drinks I can honestly say that we enjoyed every single one but one of the things you must try is the egg coffee, you will absolutely love it.
Apparently, you can only have it in Hanoi and there are only three places that make it/have it.
We found going on this tour extremely helpful because we learned roughly what the prices of the food and drink should cost us and where to go for the street food and what also to avoid, Rick was very nice and professional.
thanks for Hanoi Free Tours

OUR Hanoi Free Tours INCLUDES:

3 hours walking tour with tour guides of Hanoi Free Tour will give you an insight into:

  • Vietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable
  • How fresh and tasty the foods are.
  • Enjoy step-by-step the strong taste of Street foods
  • Feeling many kinds of flavors are melting in your mouth

Vietnamese Street Foods.

hanoi street food tours

vietnamese cooking culture

Notice: All tour exclude meals, entrance fees

We only run private & customized tours!

Things to carry with you:
* Bottle of water
* A small back-pack
* Some money

Food Prices:
*To satisfy your appetite, fill up your stomach with tasty foods and never feel regret because of missing Vietnamese tasty food. We recommend you bring at least 450.000 VND ( 20$) for one person.

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