Hanoi WarSite Walking Tour

Hanoi WarSite Walking Tour
hoa lo prison

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The first concession of French was granted in 1874, Once in full possession of Hanoi in 1882, the French began to create a quarter appropriate to their new protectorate, starting with the area between the train station and the old concession, 2km to the west. In the process, they demolished many of Vietnamese ancient houses, which were replaced with Parisian-style buildings and boulevards.

MORNING9am – 12pm
AFTERNOON2pm – 5pm

In the latter of the 19th century, Vietnam was gradually invaded by the French, who controlled it as a protectorate from 1883 to 1939 and as a possession from 1939 to 1945. Vietnamese rule did not return to Vietnam until Sept. 2, 1945, when the National leader Ho Chi Minh proclaimed declaration of independence of Vietnam. From 1946 to 1954, the independence of Vietnam was opposed by French, and Ho Chi Minh began guerrilla warfare against french in the first Indochina War that ended in the Vietnamese victory at Dien Bien Phu on May 7, 1954

Discover Vietnamese war with us in Hanoi free city tour:

  • Learning about Vietnamese war with French and US.
  • looking up many of majestic buildings with a stunning look.
  • Discovering Prison life under french domination.


3 hours walking tour with tour guides of Hanoi free tours by foot will give you an insight into:

– The history of Vietnam’s wars.

– The first point is Hanoi’s French Quarter lies to the southeast of Hoan Kiem lake. In the end of 19th century, when the French dominated Vietnam, they demolished many of the old Vietnamese buildings and houses then replaced them with imposing French-style villas. As well as the architecture the area showcases the legacy of the European colonization of Vietnam

– Hoa Lo Prison: the prison was used to hold Vietnamese prisoners, patriots, as well as French and American prisoners of war, and offers a fascinating and chilling glimpse of prison life in the war . the number of detainees had used to soar to almost 2,000, the majority of them being political prisoners

-The Military History Museum on Dien Bien Phu street. The museum covers an ancient flag tower, historical artifacts, destroyed bombers, photographs, and weapons from wars with China, France, Japan and U.S offer a glimpse into Vietnam’s turbulent war in the past.

9:00 AM or 2:00 PM: Picking up and gathering at your hotel

First, we will visit Hanoi’s French Quarter, where wide open streets, high-end hotels, majestic buildings with imposing French-style, restaurants,

Then, we will go straight to Hoa Lo prison, a famous prison located in Hanoi’s French District that received major notoriety because of the inhumane treatment of the Vietnamese prisoners use by French colonial government in the past, and later North Vietnamese army during the Vietnam War for US prisoners of war

Finally, we will have a great look at Vietnam Military History Museum, which is Located in the center of Hanoi, near V.L Lenin’s statue, which is one of the seven national army systems of Vietnam. This museum stored, collected and displayed more than 100.000 artifacts, including historical artifacts, collections that reflect from the first period of Emperor Hung Vuong to Ho Chi Minh era and Hanoi ancient Flag Tower at the age of nearly 200 years is renowned as one of the symbols of Hanoi. The museum is really a symbol of Vietnamese military history and an attractive destination for visitors from outside and inside Vietnam learn more about the history of Vietnam War.

The tour ends at around 3 hours.

At the end of our walk, we will return you to where we began

Notice: All tour exclude meals, entrance fees

We only run private & customized tours!

Things to carry with you:
* Sun cream, hat/cap
* Bottle of water
* A small back-pack

Ticket Prices:
* Hoa Lo Prison:
– 30.000 VND for An adults.
– 15.000 VND for A students.
*Vietnam Military History Museum:
– 30.000 VND for A adults.
– 15.000 VND for A Student.

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