The government guest house in Hanoi which is located in 10 Le Thach, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi was where the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam worked from the August Revolution until the Vietnamese national resistance.

Government Guest House In Hanoi - hanoi Free tours by foot

Government Guest House In Hanoi.

Located at No. 12 Ngo Quyen Street( far from the Hanoi old quarter about 500 m) , This building is an important historical relic of Hanoi capital, especially here is associated with the National Day of Resistance Of Vietnam (Dec. 19, 1946).This building was built in 1918-1919 to be the governor of Tonkin – the headquarters of the French colonial government in North Vietnam when the North of Vietnam was still under the domination of French colonist. The building represents the neoclassical architecture of the French colonial period with the layout of the front facing, the façade with strong classical columns and Sculpture of Baroque details of the Renaissance.

Hanoi Government Guest House in The past.

Hanoi Government Guest House in The past.

After Japanese carried out a coup and defeat French on March 9, 1945, the building was renamed the Tonkin Imperial Government and controlled by the Tran Trong Kim government. After the August Revolution Of North Vietnam ( the day of the general uprising in Hanoi on August 19, 1945 ) the Viet Minh forces and the Hanoians attacked and occupied the building, after that Ho Chi Minh and the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam worked here until the national resistance of Vietnam

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The building's inauguration of Hanoi Goverment Guest House

The building’s inauguration memorized in the corner.

During this time, the building was renamed the Northern Government House and serving as the first headquarters of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In the beginning of the Resistance War, on December 20, 1946, a battle broke out between a National Guards protecting the building and French troops with supporting tanks.

This was the most fierce and longest battle in the early days of the Indochina war. After 6 failed attacks, 122 casualties, 4 tanks and 3 armoured vehicles were broken, the French occupied the building. The number of Vietnamese soldiers killed was 45 people. The Battle near the building had become a typical battle of the spirit of “Sacrifice for the country’s life.” of the army and the people of Hanoi in the early days of resistance.

a bullet holes is still on the fence. -Government Guest House In Hanoi

a bullet hole is still on the fence.

After the liberation of Hanoi capital (10/10/1954), the building was repaired and became the guest house of the Government of Vietnam. Today, the building is used to welcome to important delegations from all over the world.

The Function of The Government Guest House In Hanoi.

After Establishing at the end of 1954, the Guest House immediately took care of serving the needs of daily life and activities of high-level delegations of the Parties and Governments who visit Vietnam such as the Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Prime Minister, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, Politburo Member of the Party Central Committee upward.In 1969, the numbers of the room were increased to welcome the head of states. After that in 1975, The building builds additional stories and the numbers of the room were increased more than 10-fold.

Goverment Guests House Hanoi Throughout all time

Government Guests House in Hanoi Throughout all time.

Since Vietnam accessed to the WTO (November 7, 2006), foreign affairs have been taken place more frequently, with more and more diverse guests, the building also has the opportunity to undertake more foreign affairs. The services also become more diversified: Such as serving, hospitality, talkshows, signing workshop.

Up to now, The Government guest house in Hanoi is still beautiful and peaceful as the first day in 1919. There is only one thing is deferent, as a national government guest house, the building takes on important responsibilities for Vietnam and the building is also a historic witness of many great events of The country.

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