Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you about my first time to be a tour guide, I have to say that I’m very happy today and until now I still feel extremally excited about my very first tour as a real guide, we had an amazing evening!

The first time to be a tour guide - hanoi free walking tour
Drinking Egg Coffee.


At first, Mr.Rick and I picked our guests at King Ly hotel, Before meeting them I felt a little bit nervous and curious about them. fortunately, all of our guests are very nice: four Filipinos and one Singaporean. I’m totally surprised about the women from Singapore, she is too young to has the same age as my mother! she told me that “She quit her job as an accountant to traveling with her husband, whose job requires going abroad a lot”. About 4 Filipinos, they have visited Hoi An and Sai Gon before coming to Hanoi and they told me that “they love Vietnam so much”. The first food they tried is dried beef salad. We were telling them about the ingredients while they were enjoying their salads. The Singaporean talked to me that she loved Vietnamese food because of herbal taste, they seem to be like the beef salad very much because they enjoined their meal with gusto. After finishing the beef salad, We went to eat next food, I made a conversation with a Filipino girl on the way to the next destination, she is a doctor, she’s plump with beautiful eyes, while we were talking, I introduced a little bit about Vietnamese chè, but after I told her about Chè, she was excited and wanted to taste it immediately.

The first time to be a tour guide

Beer street (Tạ Hiện).

We came over “Beer street”, the guests had a chance to enjoy fresh beer and Pho rolls. During our meal at beer street, we talked a lot about ourselves, made some jokes and laughed in the joyful atmosphere. After that according to their demand, we continuously visited a chè-house and had mixing-chè, it looked very beautiful with black jellies on the top so they had to take some photo after the waiter brought it for us, they always took many photographs of dished then posted them on Facebook and Instagram. After finishing chè, we took them to eat anther desert: mixing fruit yogurt and ice-cream. Mr.Rick and I lost a guest on the way, I was completely frightened, but her boyfriend seems to not worry at all?! At last, we found her, she tried to take some photo is the reason why. Finally, our tour visited the secretive coffee shop and drink egg coffee, the guests was exited immediately about the view look over Hoan Kiem lake. We finished street food tour at 7.30 pm, they insisted on giving tip for us but we refused, Mr. Rick suggested they could give us 5 stars for our page instead. This afternoon is undoubtedly my unforgettable experience!

Written by Julie Chan ( Hà My )