The first time of a learning tour guide!

The first time of a learning tour guide!
The first time of a learning tour guide!

Today, I have been become a tour guide and had great memories with Sam and two foreigners, both of them are called Rebecca. Last night, after receiving this tour from Mr.Dat, I was very nervous, I could not sleep. And now, I feel, That is very extremely nice

Beginning of the walking tours

I went to No.9 Ma May Str. from 8 am to prepare the psychology. And 8:50 am. Sam, who accompanied me came. We went to ask the staff about the guest information. We had to wait. Suddenly, two foreigners approached us. Sam asked and confirmed, They talked together. In fact, I was very worried, but I looked at them very friendly, I breathed a sigh of relief and started to introduce myself.

The first time of a learning tour guide!

Me and My guests


The first, we visited the ancient house at 87 Ma May Str. On the way, we introduced each other. At first, I did not say much, but she asked me, I was so happy. I felt she was very friendly and very nice. To the house, Sam introduced the Vietnamese culture to them, about Tao Quan, betels and Areca, and the lemon tree, the bed, etc. They listened attentively.

We left the house, our next place is Bach Ma temple, one of the oldest temple in Hanoi, where is dedicated to the white horse said to have shown King Ly Thai To the correct position for his citadel walls. They were excited. because of the legend of the temple. They listened to Sam very slowly and carefully

Then, we went to Dong Xuan market and Hang Ma street. She was looking for shoes but could not afford them. When we walked around the market, Rebecca saw a lot of strange fruit, like “Chôm Chôm” (Rambutan), “Đào” (Rambutan) which she has never seen in her life. And they tried it. “Wow it is very sweet” they said. They were so cute. And we quickly moved to Hang Ma street. Sam talked to them about Vietnamese culture, about Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam and the funeral customs. They were surprised to hear Sam said that, the dead continue as family members, they need food, the car, the money, like an alive person. So Vietnamese burn votive paper in the evening to communicate with parents and grandparents no longer living. The rising smoke is a language the dead can understand. That is very different from their country.

The first time of a learning tour guide! 2

At Hoan Kiem Lake.

Finally, we went to Hoan Kiem lake, I was so happy because I had a chance to tell them about the legend of Hoan Kiem Lake ( Sword lake or the lake of the returned sword ). Although I did not say very well, but they said that I did very good. I felt It is great! I will try my best for the next time.

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The end of the walking tours

At 12:30 in the afternoon, I and Rebecca 1went to Vietnamese Women Museum, She wanted to be there herself. Sam and Rebecca 2 went back to the hostel. Rebecca 2 wanted to relax. I said goodbye to her and went back home.
Oh! I felt so happy and so lucky, Because two new friends are very very friendly, but I wanted to talk with them more. So, I will try my best to learn harder and harder to become a nice tour guide!
Hope one day, I will be successful!
Thank you for reading!
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