Today I had the first time of being a Hanoi free tour guides with the foreigner in a tour on my own. I had so many unforgettable memories from this tour.


I arrived at the Hostel at 55 Quan Su street at twenty to two at the afternoon and sat there to wait for the tourist. There were some foreigners that were also sitting there. I asked the receptionist for confirming the information about the tourist, but she told me that it was canceled and there was no tour. But I just sat there and waited. The appointment was at 2 p.m, so when the clock showed it was 2:10p.m, I saw no stranger one come out. I felt a little bit nervous whether I could take this tour or it was canceled as the receptionist had said. I looked around and turned to each person who was sitting there to ask them whether they were waiting for a guide. Surprisingly, there were three people there, and the last one I asked was the person I was waiting. Both of us felt it was so funny that we sat near each other for 15 minutes and waited but we even didn’t know we were completely there before. And I started the tour, guiding Navarro, a tourist from Spain.


We visited Hang Ma Street first, a crowded and narrow street. Navarro is very excited at exploring the new land, she is on her trip to discover many countries in the world. She said this month she has scheduled to visit four countries in Asia and she would visit Laos next week. She is always full of energies and very open. But the thing which makes me admire her is that she is completely free. She said she always does everything she likes, no matter other people judge them. She just ignores them and makes anything in the way she likes. She shares her opinion frankly as she said the first impression about Hanoi is that it’s like a chaotic area with noises and dust…

Drink Beer - Ta hien Street - The first time of coming with a foreigner

Drinking Beer at Ta Hien Street.

After that, we go to visit Dong Xuan Market. As she had said before, she did not want to enter the market because she thought it would be noisy and crowded. Therefore we moved to the next destination, Bach Ma Temple. Unfortunately, the Temple closes every Monday, which I have never noticed. She felt fine with that and planned to revisit it in another day. We kept walking to reach Ma May Street, where the Heritage House is located. She was very excited about the architecture of the house and she was really impressive at the red boxes that Vietnamese usually uses to carry the betel nuts and cakes from the groom’s family to the bride’s home before the wedding day. Then we walking through streets to arrive Hoan Kiem Lake. I was confused about finding the roads because I am really not good at remembering the routes. I usually took my map on my hand and kept at looking the right direction. I was nervous about this weakness, but in the end, we arrived Hoan Kiem lake quickly. I showed her the Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, the Pen Tower, told her the legend of the lake. She was very interested in the mysterious story. Feeling a little bit tired after walking a long way, we took a rest by sitting near the lake bank, enjoined the peaceful atmosphere and breathed. We talked to each other, sharing many stories in lives.


Finally, we came back to Ta Hien street to enjoin a glass of beer. Navarro wanted to try the fresh beer, but she drank with a small amount of it. Hence, we ordered just one glass of fresh beer and divided it into two glasses and enjoined it. “it’s very tasty” she said. Then she said she felt sleepy after finishing the beer. We decided to end the tour and came back home. We reached the hostel at 4.50p.m. I still remember the sentence she said: “You just live once, just do everything you want. You are amazing in your own way!”

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