Egg Coffee In Hanoi – Vietnam

Egg Coffee In Hanoi – Vietnam
Egg Coffee - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Known as the biggest producer of Robusta coffee of the world, Vietnam is considered one of the greatest place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Espectially Egg Coffee In Hanoi With a taste of acrid and bitter tendencies, Vietnamese coffee is different from other kinds of coffee in the world. Vietnamese coffee is prepared using traditionally by a small metal drip filter and is most commonly served over ice because of Vietnamese tropical monsoon climate. You can’t walk a block of any street in Vietnam and not see someone enjoying a cup of coffee in one form or another.

Vietnam Coffee - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Vietnam Coffee

1. The richness Of Vietnamese Coffees

Vietnamese people have many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. At any stall, you can order cà phê đá (iced black coffee) or cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee with condensed milk) of normal mode (coming with four or five teaspoons of sugar) or “ít đường” (a little sugar) or”không đường” (no sugar).

Sai Gon has coffee underground and on high floor, etc., whereas Hanoi has traditional cafeteria and street coffee. The competition between modern Cappuccino coffee, 3 trong 1 coffee ( three in one coffee )Trung Nguyen coffee system, and traditional coffee is still equal. This reveals that the Hanoi’s people retain some uniqueness of their traditional lifestyle.

2. Egg Coffee In Hanoi

If you have an opportunity to visit Hanoi one time in future, please don’t forget to enjoy a egg coffee in Hanoi. Why do I say so? You may hear a lot about Vietnamese egg coffee somewhere, and this kind of coffee may be found in other cities or provinces of Vietnam, and even in some parts around the world or in your country, but Hanoi is the birthplace of egg coffee.

2.1. How did this kind of Egg Coffee In Hanoi appear?

Egg Coffee In Hanoi was born at the end of the 1940s when condensed milk was not as abundant as today. It was originally made a man who named Mr. Nguyen Giang, he used to be a bartender of the 5-star Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel when French still dominated Vietnam.

Egg Coffee - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Egg Coffee In Hanoi

2.2. How is egg coffee prepared and served?

An egg coffee wich is made in Vietnam traditionally prepared with sugar, egg yolks, condensed milk, and Robusta coffee ( some people add some honey in it). The drink is made by beating and heating egg yolks with sugar and Robusta coffee, then extracting the coffee into the half of the cup, followed by a similar amount of egg yolk cream. The cup is served inside a hot water bowl to retain the temperature of it. The marriage of the romantic coffee and egg’s rich taste wafting through the air then makes up a specific taste.

To enjoy an egg coffee, people must slowly stir bobbed froth of whipped egg cream on the top and the coffee below. tasty and sweet of egg and milk are in harmony with a bitterness of coffee and leaves behind the mesmerizing scent.

3. Where to find the best place for a cup of Egg Coffee In Hanoi?

Here is some best coffee shop in Hanoi

3.1. Giang Café (39 Nguyen Huu Huan)

This is one of the best coffee shops in Hanoi where egg coffee was born. Giang Café is simply hidden on a small lane on Nguyen Huu Huan Street in the Hanoi’s old quarter. It may be difficult to find for foreign travelers, but it is very well worth the effort. It continues to be destination coffee shop of Hanoi’s coffee addicts with its special ca phe trung ( egg coffee ).

3.2. Dinh Café (13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng)

Packed in a small space but offering a beautiful view from Hoan Kiem Lake, this is also a great coffee shop for egg coffee. It was founded by the daughter of Mr. Quang – the father of egg coffee. who name Ms. Bich.

4. Coffee and Hanoians

Hanoi people’s drink often contains a lot of the dark, caffeinated beverage and they prefer sipping their stronger blends at a traditional coffee shop in the old quarter or in front of a small shop with a spoonful of sugar and some sweet milk. Every morning, on hot days of summer or cold and dull days of winter, you can easily find some here with a small cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other of Hanoians.

sidewalk coffee in hanoi - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Sidewalk coffee in Hanoi 

For many people in Hanoi, the most important factor to make a cup of coffee is not its luxuriousness but the quality of the product. Old people love coffee which has been around a long time, located on old streets of the old quarter or inside deep alleys. Office workers like cafes with quiet styles and romantic like those in Pho Co Quarter. Young people prefer the busy and noisy atmosphere of luxury and modern or pavement cafés.

4.1. Street Coffee…

Soaking up the rhythms of the old quarter and embracing Hanoi from all of its sides, from traditional to modern & quirky ones and from old to new ones, you will tenderly see that, nothing can be better to refresh yourself after a hard working day than a delicious cup of coffee on a street near Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake).

Basking with the sunshine from the early morning to the end of sunset when the noise of vehicles become less, Hanoi ends a busy day as others and opens a new paradise for people who want to culture experiences.

Street Coffee in Hanoi - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Street Coffee in Hanoi

Taking over culture and ancient tradition as well as legacies from bygone years with the involvement of an irresistible French factor, the locals here have embraced café culture from western countries in a great way. So nowadays, There are so many famous and unforgettable coffee shops in Hanoi,such as Nhan (39D1 Hang Hanh), Nang café (6 Hang Bac), Quynh (Bat Dan), Quat (Quan Thanh) to Ca phe pho co ( 13 hang gai )  and Giang (Hang Gai and Lam (60, 91 Nguyen Huu Huan)… the traditional Chairs in the cofffee shops are small, literally child-sized, and are sometimes painted wood or made of blue plastic and The tables are covered with glasses of ca phe sua da (iced coffee) or ca phe den (black coffee), which come with their own picturesque drip top, some tables also painted wood, that makes people feel their cups of coffee have something natural inside, Not only just for connoisseurs,  these places are ideal for meeting old friends, having gossip, talking to pass  time of day, or even stealing precious moments for romantics …

Now, let’s discover about a coffee connoisseur…

A special example of the coffee shops in Hanoi is Hang Hanh, an atmospheric slender street in the old quarter with veering off the city’s central Hoan Kiem Lake.In the afternoon, people may find themselves inexplicably drawn to its’ wall-to-wall cafés which unfold below the Shade of The leaves. Here, the annoying young Vietnamese people and cool Vietnamese often relax and watch the peaceful life of Hanoi in front of their eyes. In the late afternoon, with the last rays of sunset, the place starts to buzz.

At weekends, it is positively heaving with gangs of youths or dating couples desiring to be couples. If this sounds too frenetic, a more subdued place like Giang Café can be chosen! Though situated in a busy tourist shopping street and that unique thing make the tiny confined Giang Café attracts the serious permanent coffee lovers and soccer addicts.

coffee-in-hanoi - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Coffee in Hanoi

If you have an opportunity to visit Hanoi one time in future, please don’t forget to enjoy its egg coffee. Why do I say so? You may hear a lot about Vietnamese egg coffee somewhere, and this kind of coffee may be found in other cities or provinces of Vietnam, and even in some parts around the world or in your country, but Hanoi is the birthplace of egg coffee.

Lam café – One of the best Egg Coffee shop In Hanoi

Our next stop is Lam café – one of the most perfect refuges for artists, thespians, and poets to refresh their minds for creativeness. Situated on a shaded street of the old quarter of Hanoi, it helps you have the relaxed moments by the artistically-decorated but simple bamboo furniture, ceiling fans, colorful framed oil paintings on the wall as well as wooden table with a lot of tiny traditional teapots.

cafe-lam-hanoi - Egg Coffee In Hanoi - Vietnam

Cafe lam Hanoi 

Yet, if give me a question about my favorite one, I will not hesitate to answer immediately that it is Quynh Café. Situated in a quiet side street, the entrance of this unassuming coffee shop is marked by a simple red lantern hanging in front of ornate ironwork doors..

Stepping inside Quynh café, you will not only see the bamboo furniture on tiled floor but also the cute plants adorn wooden shuttered windows. hanging on damp-streaked walls, you will be surprised with wooden arrows and trumpets,  ancient hunting pistols and farming implements. wallowing in soft French background music. Breathing the cool air from the antiquated table-fan, all these special things will make you desire to stay longer…



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