Vietnamese lunar new year - tet

Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival – Tet

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is a holiday of great human significance, This is the day for all people to reunite with their families, return to their hometown and commemorate their ancestors.Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Lunar...
Mid-Autumn Festival In Vietnam - Trung Thu

Mid-Autumn Festival In Vietnam – Trung Thu

According to the customs of Vietnamese people for thousands of years, the Mid-Autumn Festival In Vietnam is celebrated in the middle of autumn, that is, the full moon day of August (lunar calendar). On...
Burning Ghost Money In Vietnam - paper stuff


1. Where Ghost money come from?Vietnamese spiritual life includes our belief on the deads and their life in another world, in Vietnamese culture if ones forget to worship their ancestors, it means they forget...
5 places For Christmas night in Hanoi - Big Church

5 places that you should spend your Christmas night in Hanoi

In Vietnam Christmas is not a public holiday, But it has been received much recognition from the local vietnamese people as well as young generation. So if you come to visit Hanoi In Christmas, This is 5 places that you...

Christmas In Vietnam

Nowadays, Christmas becomes one of the four most important festivals of Vietnam each year, including New year Holiday, the birthday of Buddha, and the Mid-autumn Festival. Although Christians observed the religious rituals of Christmas.Christmas...
Ao Dai - Vietnamese Traditional Dress team

Ao Dai – Vietnamese Traditional Dress

Ao dai ( Vietnamese Traditional Dress) is a unique beautiful traditional cloth of Vietnamese people. Coming along with the changes of Vietnam, the traditional long dress has developed a lot so far.An ‘Ao dai’ space...
Bus Rapid Transit Route

Bus Rapid Transit Route – one solution for Vietnamese traffic

The first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route started to open since 29th December morning in Hanoi. The aim of this project is to decrease traffic jam in the rush hour, which is a hard...
Peach Blossom Flowers for Tet in Vietnam

Peach Blossom Flowers for Tet in Vietnam

Peach Blossom Flowers for Tet in Vietnam Peach Blossom Flowers is one of the most famous flowers in Vietnam and it is used as a decoration for Tet holidays. Tet’s Flowers In the North of Vietnam, the...

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