One of the most tasty dishes of Vietname is noodle soup (pho) . Here is 5 best pho restaurants in hanoi which you can find a high quality bowl of Pho.

  1. Yen Ninh’s Chicken noodle soup

Expensive but still crowded: Although it doest not have decades’ seniority over its business to Make a culinary culture of Hanoi, Pho Ga ( Cham’s Chicken noodle soup) at Yen Ninh Street is still on the list of one of the best Pho restaurants in Hanoi. The price is quite expensive – 60,000 VND / a bowl of white meat chicken noodle soup and 100,000-150,000 VND / a bowl which is more special pho with thigh meat, wings, eggs, heart of chicken.

Yen Ninh's Chicken noodle soup - best pho restaurant in Hanoi

Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup.

Pho Cham is a small restaurant and so crowded that guests have to hustle to sit on the sidewalk, the inside house is also not decorated beautifully … In short, it is not equal to the exorbitant price. In terms of quality, a bowl of chicken noodle, green onion, full of flavor, tasty but not even eat once and remembered forever. Many visitors for the first time here who have to pay hundred thousand dongs/bowl of pho will inevitably feel a little angry. Nevertheless, Cham Pho restaurant still Sell like hot cakes, even guests have to line up to wait for it.

Of course, Regular guests of the shop must have money, big spenders. Most of them have the same view “It’s worth of money” or “High feeding”. In addition, some people think that this is one of the best pho restaurants in Hanoi with a delicate service attitude.

  1. Pho Hang Trong Street – One of the best pho restaurants in Hanoi

A famous “self-service” restaurant: Located right at 1 Hang Trong Street, this pho restaurant only opens from about 16h until 20h-20h30 pm will out of stock. This restaurant is very famous because of the famous nickname: “phở bưng” ( self-service pho restaurant ).

Pho Hang Trong Street - Pho Bung - best pho restaurant in Hanoi

Pho Bung- Hang Trong Street 

Come here, you can not hope that you will have a high table or chair to put your bowl of pho on it, you have only a spoon and chopsticks to enjoy. although the bowl of noodles is really hot, but guests still have to hold it in their hands to eat, One hand lines the bowl by paper, one hand hold chopsticks, no need spoon, That is exactly the style of “phở bưng“, style of Hanoi, but still strangely delicious.

Many people say that eating noodles is difficult, but worth it. The noodles’ broth is clear but still rich, beef cooked thin, soft, onions make the bowls of pho have aromatic flavor.Not to mention that next to the restaurant, there is ice tea shop also selling Fried Breadsticks extremely delicious: golden, crispy. This type of hot and fresh Breadsticks combine with “phở bưng” is the number 1. those advantages would make the Hanoians forget about the hardship, tiredness and sadness

  1.  Pho Bat Dan

One of the most famous pho restaurants in Hanoi: it is famous because to eat here, guests have to stand in line and wait for sitting. With more than half century of age, traditional pho restaurant at 49 Bat Dan Street is considered one of the best pho restaurants in Hanoi.

Pho Bat Dan - best pho restaurants in Hanoi

Pho Bat Dan – one of the best pho restaurants in Hanoi

Age is just one part of the reason, what makes the restaurant brand is the image of the line of people who are waiting for a bowl of pho like subsidy period in Vietnam which happens every day as a unique and interesting culinary culture. Here at peak hours, there is no waiter serving for you. Who in turn will be called, pay and receive the “reward” is a bowl of traditional beef noodles with clear water, aromatic, fresh and soft beef.

  1. Hung Ben restaurant – Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls ( Pho Cuon)

Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls of Hung Ben restaurant: Speaking of Pho Cuon (Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls), the Hanoi people will immediately think of Ngu Xa – a Small winding street, hidden behind the Truc Bach Lake. Here, the shops, restaurants grow up close together, at noon and the afternoon this street is always crowded and busy.

Hung Ben restaurant - best pho restaurants in Hanoi

Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls ( Pho Cuon) of Hung Ben restaurant.

Looking at the bustling atmosphere of eating and drinking in this place, few people know that more than ten years ago, Ngu Xa village was very quiet, peaceful, and only thanks to Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls ( Pho Cuon) of a small pavement restaurant which has a simple name is Hung Ben, become crowded

At that time, the Hung Ben restaurant was simple and small located at crossroads of Nguyen Khac Hieu Street and Ngu Xa Street. In the evening, the restaurant was quite crowded, but just regular guests who lived around and some “new people” who just knew it. But strange dishes, processing skillfully so Fresh Rice Noodle Rolls ( Pho Cuon) and Fried Pho Noodle ( Pho Chien Phong) of the restaurant are sold like hot cakes a few years later, the restaurant was enlarged, there were also many competitive restaurants growing up. After an interval of time, Ngu Xa is really a food street with the main dish is Pho CuonPho Chien Phong. Of course, this time, Hung Ben Restaurant has had a long development.

  1. Pho Thin restaurant at Lo Duc street

One of the oldest noodle restaurant and richest noodle soup in Hanoi: With the age of more than 30 years, Pho Thin Restaurant affirms its name by only one dish that is Hanoi beef noodles soup with rare beef and rich broth. If most traditional noodle restaurants try to make noodles soup with clear but still rich broth, then Pho Thin choose a completely different way.

pho thin - best pho restaurants in Hanoi

Pho Thin

The broth here is really fat by the combination of the fried rare beef with sweet and fragrant of ginger, garlic.
Of course, This cuisine style will make people who eat this dish will hard to forget it but the chef will have to work harder, Choose more carefully that why many pho restaurants nowadays do not want to follow this way. only Pho Thin restaurant is still confident in their own secret recipe to make their guests become Addicted to Pho Bo.

Of course, not everyone enjoys this “fat” pho, but in fact, the long age and the large number of visitors each day is enough to prove the quality of this most famous pho Hanoi.

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